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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by sj123, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, first time poster here and i am considering buying an MFLB to vape at home and NOT get caught. So here's the back story, a few months ago after successfully smoking joints in my room at night, leaving the window open a while and not getting caught, my mum eventually started smelling it and caught me and of course told me i had to stop. 
    After this it seemed she became super sensitive to the smell, i could go outside smoke a joint come back in, change clothes, brush my teeth, everything, but she would still be able to smell something several hours later and even the next day even after having a window open for hours. 
    So my question is, will using an MFLB in my room on a night, leaving my window open a bit still smell the following morning? I guess the reason it still smelt hours after with a joint was because the smoke lingered (although i'm not sure how it would if i smoke outside and change clothes etc). Please keep in mind my mum seems to be very sensitive to the smell of weed and i won't be able to leave a window open all night.
    Also another question, is the reason the smell seemed to linger for so long because it was smoke and therefore this wouldn't be the case with vapour?
    I really appreciate all replies as this is really troubling me and would like some opinions/answers!


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