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Vaping and high tolerance

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sokool24, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. My high tolerance has been through the roof where I can't get high off bud. I'm pretty sure it's because I've done wax a few times. But I'm on a tolerance break and instead of smoking bud I've been vaping (regular juice, no cannibas oil or anything) but would my high tolerance drop if I'm on a break from bud and just vaping?
  2. Vaping will still be getting cannabinoids into your bloodstream, so will still increase your tolerance. It really just depends on how much weed you vape.
  3. I don't vape weed. Just the normal juice you'd find in a tobacco shop.
  4. The longer you don't smoke weed or vape weed, the better. When you smoke it again, you'll get really stoned. I can't even do a tolerance break, so good luck!
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  5. Vap
    Vaping ejuice without THC should have no effect on your tolerance.
  6. the whole "vapes" (in which i have 2 one for wax, one for nicotine/no nicotine) terminology is screwed up. Man common sense, do you live in a legal or not but i have never heard of a tobacco shop selling any actual THC products... Have you looked at your juice bottle, does it say any thc? i highly doubt it. It is nicotine unless you get 0mg. no offense but just reading this post is cringy. how could one say ejucie has thc in it. Just stupid. You have to actually put thc in the juice to get high off vape juice. Yes it will lower your tolerance because you arent getting cannabinoids.. just saying you coulda figured it out yourself....

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  7. I don't think you read his post right. He was saying he's not smoking weed. He's on a tolerance break. He's vaping tobacco (which sounds disgusting to me) and wants to know if his tolerance is going to change from not smoking weed, or anything with thc.
  8. If getting high doesn't get you high, you must be missing the point of the activity.
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  9. You read it wrong. The stuff I'm vaping has no THC or any of that. I live in Michigan and have a Med card but I'm vaping regular ejuice. Not tobacco either. I normally vape this blue raspberry flavor so It's not really like vaping tobacco as I get no nicotine in it. No buzz but a way to get through this tolerance break

  10. Omg... i fucking understand your question. I guess you cant assume sarcasm. Im not stupid. This question was pointless. What do you expect if you are using NO THC product, obviously your tolerance is going down... I can obviously read.

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  11. Nicotine habits are far worse than weed habits. Trying to rationalize your dependency will only drive you mad. When you smoke weed again, you will forget whatever reason you gave yourself to stop.
  12. Wtf is your problem man? I'm autistic so yes it's harder for me to understand sarcasm but you don't have to be a dick about this. Some have told me vaping will keep my tolerance from dropping so it was not pointless.
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