VapeXhales New Hydratube Lineup

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by TokinMMA, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. [​IMG]
    Those new bubbler bases look do all the new Hydratubes.

  2. Looks like some mad glass plumbing experiment running amok.
  3. Yeah looks a little overdone

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  4. Actually now that i really look I'm a fan of all but the one that is on top of the vapexhale

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  5. What's wrong with the recycler one? That's the one I want the most, recyclers are the shit.
    Probably get an inline base bubbler to go with it.
  6. Not that it wouldn't hit good, just looks the most fragile one to me. They are pretty expensive so I'd wanna make sure I got a little more simpler one that might be sturdier. Just personal preference

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  7. That's fair. It is an awkward shape, especially since it might run around $400.
  8. Isn't this all "too much diffusion" for vapour?
  9. No
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  10. Good question. I think it all comes down to the size of hits your are taking and the potency of the herb. Some people swear by the Mobius tubes for vaping, and they stack all the way up to the top of the can.
  11. I might have necroed a bit but does anyone know when these will be able to be ordered off their site?
  12. The first one on the left looks mean.
    Should be in stores in about a week, two weeks top!
    They also are releasing their Essential Oil cartridges at the same time I believe.
    The circ perc looking hydrafoot is out though. It's under 'accessories' on their site.
    I think I'm going for one of the sidecar ones. They look so classy on the EVO. Perfect size too. I got a different recycler on the way so I won't double up. 

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