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Vaped Bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WeedBratton, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. I recently received my MFLB in the mail, and as a direct result I've been vaping quite a bit of my stash.
    Now, I've heard that vaped weed is useful for edibles, but I was wondering if it would be useful in a joint? Could it be all vaped weed, or should I cut it with my joint-rollin' weed?
  2. yeah it hink youc an roll a joint with it theres still good stuff INSIDE the plant and i have hemp papers so i plan to roll j;s out of them
  3. i also want to kno this question.

    So when i vape the bud, the vaped bud is no more use or wha?
  4. Vaped bud + joint is probably going to be one of the worst ideas you have ever chosen to follow through with, if you follow through with it. It will be harsh as shit to hit it, taste like shit, look like shit, make you feel like shit etc, etc.
  5. Would you suggest mixing in small amounts of vaped bud with my normal bud for joints?

    EDIT: Like, let's say I add .2 vaped bud to .8 fresh?
  6. ^^ Dont listen to the troll. vaped bud should be saved for edibles or oil. but Ive many times filled in a blunt or large joint 1-4g's with half vaped/half dank. and it may be a little harsh but nothing noticable. There still cannaboids that dont get released when vaping so your getting some good stuff plus your green and it makes for a longer sesh

  7. First off I said nothing about edibles and what not. soooo.. yea .

    Back to the topic... Im sure .2 g vape to .8 g fresh would be decent but you would still probably taste of hint off ass in it. I tried to smoke a vape bowl out of a spoon and realized how impossible it was after one small hit. There is no use keeping Vaped weed unless you are going to use it for some sort of edible. Unless you can stomach the pain it will bring you from smoking it.
  8. I usually use low mids/schwag for joints, plus I finally got my hands on some free tobacco, so it'll be my first spliff in a long time. Thanks for the help!

    I'll still have to try it myself to see just how bad it tastes, and if I can use the proper amounts to make it taste good, no need to waste it.
  9. #9 greatdayne, Feb 3, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 3, 2011
    Maybe smoke some better weed. Dank Vaped is probably more potent then some mids/shwag green lol... And ya there is if you cant make edibles and want to make your blunts a few grams bigger it doesn't hurt or wont ruin your high as you make it sound.

  10. I guess if you consider medical "mids" then you caught me.

    Have fun smoking your vaped garbage leftovers :)

  11. Well I use the low mids and schwag specifically for rolling spliffs and joints, when I buy dank, it's for a piece or vape.

  12. Cool story bro, I was just informing op that your trolling was false, now where did i say its good to smoke i said its okay to use as a filler on a blunt or joint to make it fatter and to make a sesh last longer, which is what op was asking.

  13. If you need to "fill" your bunts with extras that dont even add to your high than you dont need to be rolling joints/blunts.

    just sayin. And i was not trolling at all, which can hardly be said for you.
  14. unless you dont vape correctly....ur gonna wanna use it for smoking of any sort.

    it tastes bad and there is very little THC left with high level of CBN's and CBD's....if you do smoke enough to get a buzz come down quickly and are very burnt feeling.

    mixing it just ruins ur non-vaped weed that still has flavor. i do not advise...

    my sig has a link for using ur vaped shit for butter. i double and sometime triple the amount of vaped bud it calls for cuz thats how i like it.
  15. Use it for edibles. Smoking it will only give a light buzz, more of a relaxing and numbing feeling. With edibles it will deliver a much more potent feeling.
  16. coming from a MFLB owner, use it in a will still get high. its a heavy fucking high tho (couch lock)

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