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Vape smell?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DrLeonardHofstadter, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. I'll start this off by saying the search function doesn't work on my phone, so sorry if its already been posted. How little does a vape smell? Like lets say im riding in the back seat of a car, and whip out like the DaVinci and start vaping without telling anyone. Would the peoole in the front smell it? Or is it like if I vape in my room then 10 minutes later someone walks in and it doesn't smell? Or would it? I've heard mixed things about how the smell is, and would like to be more knowledgeable on it because I'm buying a DaVinci soon
  2. The piece and the area around the piece will slightly smell like heated bud for the duration of the session, but vapor smell does not linger. If you are in a well ventilated room, like a bedroom, it won't cause a noticeable smell.

  3. So how long would the smell take to clear out? Obviously you cant give me an exact time, but in general
  4. If u vape in a room and come back 10 min later theres no trace of anything!

  5. Think of it like a tiny microwave. You know how spaghetti in the microwave kinda makes the kitchen smell like spaghetti? Well, imagine the spaghetti being tiny bit of heated bud, and the microwave being a tiny vaporizer.

    The smell is there, but it doesn't linger at all. It's mostly the actual buds and physical vaporizer that kind of smells.
  6. Almost any portable (and many desktops) is going to have a smell while the unit is switched on, usually it's a pretty noticeable smell to anyone in the room with you if it is a small'ish room. This fades very quickly once the unit is turned off.

    The exhaled vapor itself lingers for a bit longer, 5-10 mins tops I'd say but if you spray some Febreeze it pretty much disappears immediately.

    If my family walks into my room while I'm using my DV or shortly afterwards they'll usually make a comment. The same happened with the MFLB though although sometimes if I was in bed watching TV and it'd been a minute or two since my last hit I could get away with it cause it wasn't something that was constantly turned on while in use.
  7. It will smell in your room 10 minutes later if you vape it up, and people would definitely smell it in a car if you just started vaping in the back seat
  8. In your scenario - yes they would. It smells about as much as opening a bag of some smelly dank. The key is it dissipates much faster than smoke.
  9. to me, its like popcorn :smoking:
  10. it would smell like you opened a jar of bud and closed it real fast
  11. I have a Da Buddha and the only smell comes from the actual weed in the bowl, which if covered up or put away, should remove any smell. I have vaped in my living room, 5 minutes later my dad walks down and doesnt even notice.

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