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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by jayjaydubya, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. OK so I have decided I want to buy my first vaporizer. I have been smoking for many years, but this will be the first vape that i have even hit from, so I am very ignorant to this. I have researched the net and read a ton of posts on this site, but still I am unsure. Any info on this subject would help.

    I am looking at models like the vapir 5.0 and da buddha, mainly because of price, but if they are crap I will look at something else.

    I am not interested in this bag fill stuff, I think it'll just make me feel like a paint huffer.

    I am not interested in spending $500-$600 on a volcano for my first one.


    Thank you, Blaze on!
  2. I highly suggest da buddah, it hits very well and I'm pretty sure it has a hands free unit which is very useful.
  3. Do not get the Vapir. The Buddha is a MUCH better choice.
  4. I bought the Vaporite Nano in July on ebay. It was $80. Still works great,and get me so damn high. I had never used a vape before I got mine and I'm so happy I got one. Vaporizersare the way to smoke

  5. Listen to this guy, he knows what he's talking about. I vote for the Da Buddha as well. :hello:
  6. Well from what i hear the Da Buddha sounds like the shit, so maybe go for that.
  7. eithe da buddha or a vape bros vaporizer, i got the vape bros and i never regretted it in the least bit
  8. I personally have a hands free vaporbrothers but bag style vape or whip style vape is your first cross roads, and then price level differences while not buying Chinese junk hopefully. I didn't look too far into bags because I wasn't personally interested in not being able to pass it through water in a bong/bubbler first. Mine was 100 on ebay without the whip used but the Silver Surfer and da buddha vaporizers are just as good as the vaporbrothers if not better.

    Thats if your price range is 100-250 out the door as they say. Good luck with the vape! :hippie:
  9. I ended up with a KIA from my local head shop , got it tonite and I am soooo baked right now and it taking me forever to type this.
    Wow, thanks for the advice.

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