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  1. Hi! So I have never used a vaporizer and am thinking about purchasing one during summer. I've also read about how a vap. can hook up to a bong? If im wrong correct me plz. My question is do all vaporizers have a capability of hooking up to a bong or only certain brands? thanks :)
  2. only certain ones. PD,EQ, HA , SSV , Da Buddah , MFLB. check out
  3. Thanks you kind person :)
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    On second thought, I think ALL vapes can be used with a bong. Some are easier to use with a bong than others, but I've seen just about every vape on the market being used with a bong.

    With a Volcano, as an example, while not hooking the bong directly to the vape, a full bag from a Volcano can be sucked through a bong and ANY whip based or direct draw vape can be hooked up directly to a bong.
  5. no problem op. can iolite? just curious ive seen so many do it yourself set ups for a vape to bong id say possiblities are endless but idk if butane from iolite and water mix well

  6. [ame=]YouTube - Iolite vaporizer though bong.[/ame]
  7. i stand corrected. thanks for a video never seen this before gotta show my buddy he has a iolite and doesnt use it becuz its harsh for him or he says it tastes funny. sure the bong would help alot with that

  8. I like how you leave out little words.
  9. :confused: makes sense to me

  10. What little words did I leave out?
  11. Ah i just ment your message was easy to read because of leaving out little words
  12. ^^Thanks, but I STILL don't understand what little words I'm leaving out. Give me an example.

    (sorry for the derail, but this is kind of throwing me)
  13. thanks again guys. always learning more on here! and I dont think you were missing any small words? Great answer :)

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