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  1. has anybody every purchased these seeds from the attitude?:hello:
  2. 50/50 Yes, and I must say was to be the most prized in my garden, germinated and started very strong, the strongest ive seen, sadly due to mental breakdown and neglegence, she dehydrated and passed away just shortly... Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today

    since this tragedy I have made the appropriate improvements... I I have 1/2 of Barney's Farms seeds and so far I have started 5 of them and all 100% germ rate, excelerated veg growth... and just amazing in appearence... I won't be harvesting anything though for about 10weeks... really thinking im gonna like the blue cheese but we shall see...

    Good Luck, by what i've seen so far, perhaps premature, but I am very impressed with everything from barneys so far even the autoflower is nice...
  3. hows the stank on her>??

    i've heard mixed reviews with some saying she smells more like coffee and lemons.. kinda hard to imagine the genetic makeup of a vanilla strain.
  4. any flavor is possible with any seed.. just some have had the probability of certain flavors being prevalent ..this is why we see so many Lemon variations in the cannabis, and culinary herbs used is the most common mix of flavorings that Humans are attracted too, so it is the easiest to segregate and control...

    have a barneys farm V.K at about a month old .. very strong plant , uber heavy indica ( as a kush should be ) no idea on flavor , or potency yet .. but so far is a great plant...
  5. I have my seeds ready to go just waitin for my current grow to finish...I'm uber stoked to get them goin though.
  6. Damn. yeah Barney Farm they have a lot of nice seeds i'm thinking of getting the utopia haze for school ya know. The blue cheese is indica and I won't do my work for college with that lol
  7. just picked up some of these beans on my recent trip to the dam.

    I usually tend to steer clear of things named vanilla, chocolate, caramel, or any other of those, but i was in barneys and saw it on the menu. then saw that it was the high time cannabis cub winner in 2009. the 2010 hasn't happened so to me that means that its still the reigning champ. i of course grabbed an eighth immediately and sat down and wow. i checked their catalouge and the vanilla kush has a higher thc content then anything else they offer. this shit was super strong and super cerebral (probably cause of the dominant indica) as for the taste it was delicious. definitely doesnt taste like straight up vanilla, but it does taste a little sweet. i think the vanilla is more in the scent and even then its not like vanilla cake icing or anything like that. but i can say its a great smoke. i havnt germ'd the beans yet as i have some trainwreck going currently but the vanilla kush will be next. as well as barney's farm's cherry berry blast, which was suggested as an easy and quick sativa to have indoors. we'll see how it turns out.

    but as for as taste and potency...the vanilla kush got an A in both catagories from me
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    I got a fem Vanilla Kush from the attitude before 4/20, it's been vegging about 3 weeks. It looks pretty nice, leaves have a good stank when you touch them. Pretty unique leaf shape too, they're real wrinkly and a bit...different in some way. Anyone else notice this?

    I'm going to the 'dam in about a week, hope I get to try the VK at barney's!
  9. nice brah

  10. I germ'ed my freebie with maxicrop(which i must say is fabulous for germing beans). Went for 35 days after bean planting till a height of 15". I did notice a some wrinkle in the leaves early on but that is no more. I tried to FIM but it did not take well at all to it. So I just topped and it responded beautifully into a very nice bush. I'm not even thinking of smell at this point as I'm only in day 8 of flower. Pre-flowers turned up on day 5 after switch. Overall been extremely happy up to this point. It things stay on it's present course I will most definitely be buying a pack or two.

  11. ^^ lady went and seen a specialist overnite for a partial sex change^^

    bitch was evicted

    thank heavens (s)he was a freebie

  12. That sucks, any stress or a random hermy?

  13. Only stress I can think of was the FIM that didn't respond and the topping after that. Other than that it was perfect. No def or problems whatsoever till this morning.

    you win some, you lose some...
  14. I've topped mine, it's even bushier than before now. The plant seems to have real short internodes, but the leaves are different to other kush like afghan.
  15. lookin good brah keep it up:D
  16. here is mine ..seed down in mid April, not sure about quality of smoke ..but she is a very vigorous grower... biggest leaves and widest stem out this year ...


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  17. Nice bush wharfrat!!
  18. I am getting worried, I have read about 5 journals with vanilla kush and only one was a good plant, all others were male or hemi. Did Barney's Farm send out a batch of hermi seeds? I am thinking they didn't make their feminized seeds correctly.
  19. Intrested BUMPAGE

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