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  1. She has wings. These are the largest starter leaves I have ever seen. They seem to have extended near the base a good .5" and are 2.3" total in length. Has anyone ever seen anything like this before? I'm sure this isn't caused by my soil mix or the rapid rooter plugs I started the seeds in. She has been getting nothing but RO water and is 5 days old today.

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    thats pretty common in my experience i've had quite a few seedlings with really long leafs like that, they usually turn out to have monster leafs, usually it will be sativa dominant.. I've never grown vanilla kush though, I was planning on buying some vanilla kush seeds from barneys farm.... but never did
  3. Seems the product description isn't quite accurate. Out of three beans, only one came out with fat fingers... :confused:
  4. I grew out several VKs. The strain is fairly unstable.


  5. Thanks for the input Simon. Do you remember if it stopped at foliar mutations or were there other problems (like male parts) as well?
  6. No males, but two of mine hermed toward the end of the cycle.


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