Vanilla & Bubba kush,NL,jock horror,bubbleicious

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  1. (3) Vanilla Kush Feminized
    (1) Bubba kush Feminized
    (1) Nirvana-Northern Light Feminized Autoflowering
    (1) Nirvana-Jock Horror Feminized Autoflowering
    (1) Nirvana-Bubbleicious Feminized autoflowering

    My seeds should be here in the morning. Im going to just put the seeds in the soil about 1/2" damp the soil a little and put a sandwich bag over the top of my cups to keep humidity up. My babies should sprout in a couple of days. I am goin to be using (2) 400 watt lights throughout the entire grow. Please stay tuned for my GROW. Also how do I put my Journal in my signature? thanks GC
  2. Just recieved my order from the attitude and put them in the soil. Now the hard part BEING patient for them too pop:hello::hello:

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  3. fuck yeah next month ill start my bubblelicious and vanilla kush, ill stick around if your gonna stay posted

  4. LOL Same exact order as you. Same T Shirt even. I'm very interested in how those autos will do. I can't grow grow my seeds until current crop in veg meake it to flower. I got my order today. Ordered the Saturday night before last, so 9 days from order. Tracking indicated it didn't move until the following Monday so really it took 7 days to the west coast. Was my first time ordering with Attitude.
  5. Yeah Vanilla Kush is one of my favorites. Ill be sure to keep everybody posted. Will be looking foward to see how yours goes as well.

    Yeah me too, when I recieved my Northern lights the seed was cracked. But I still am giving it a try just to see if she pops up. I will definately be looking for your grow and we can help each other out because Im still a little new at this. Only my second grow! My first grow was Purple widow. Which was VERY easy to grow so ill be challenging myself to see how well I can go. As long as I get about a ounce for each plant Ill be satisfied.

  6. WooHoo I can't wait to see your autos flower and your vanilla kush plants. I'm really anxious to see the v kush grow. I have bubblicious in flower now and ww x bb and thc bomb in veg so yours will most likely get to harvest before my v kush even finishes veging. Sub'd :D

    That's bullshit that they sent u a cracked seed. I would complain.
  7. Yeah i was kinda mad .. but I cant complain too much, because at least I recieved my order.
  8. I have two 56watt (100watt) equivalent CFLs on 7 of my seedlings. Do you guys think I should just put my seedlings under the 400watt or what?
  9. DAY 4
    No real noticable growth, but I did put the seedlings under the 400 watt MH
  10. DAY 6

    Very little new growth pics coming soon
  11. DAY 7
    The church just popped up so now I have
    (1)bubba kush fem
    (1)Church fem
    (1)Bubbleicious auto fem
    (1)Jock horror auto fem
    (3)Vanilla kush fem
    (1)afghan kush reg.

    Germinating 2 more afghan (reg)

    Just ordered another 400 watt light
  12. wassup OP.
    Sounds like a good grow bout to happen. You doin soil or dro?
    wanna see these pics.
  13. wats gud Pwizzle, I'm doin soil. Im goin to be using all organic nutes because last grow chemical nutes had my Afghan kush tasting nasty as hell.
  14. DAY 8
    Pics really blurry I know but ill be investing in a camera in a week or so.

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  15. havent been on for awhile gc, i should have some pics soon but the plants are coming along very nicely

  16. I've been checking. Yea I planted the autos and 3 v kush but once didn't crack :(
    Anyway can't wait for pics and I'll post mine too :smoke:
  17. I came home today to find my bubba kush .. NL and jock horror died

    I still have 3 vanilla kush 1 church 1 bubbleicious (1 LA Woman 12 weeks in veg)
  18. Any updates? :rolleyes:
  19. Hey Gardenmaster,
    the grows going great .. I just started flowering 2 days ago. Money issues so i can transplant them into 3 gallon pots until sometime next week. Will it really affect my yield you think?
    Pics coming soon
  20. May stunt growth. When they flower is really when roots take off.

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