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Vampire Boy Returns!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. Yep. For a week anyway. I gotta fall outta step with the rest of humanity and go work the night shift. I'm not virgin to this, 2 1/2 years ago I came off an 11 year run on nights.

    So it looks like I'll be hanging here during the daylight hours for a bit.

    So just what goes on around here during the day?

    I know it's probably night or evening in some places, but I try not to contemplate time too much as it makes me dizzy.
  2. that's beat... i had to work nights a lot... finally got me a day job though *woohoo*

    have a fun week :D
  3. What do you think goes on around here during the day, Dizzy Vampire Boy???
  4. nite trick sucks butt bad!
    *shaking ma head* vampire boy....wheres he come up with this poop?
    have fun
  5. vampire behind the someones gotta do it :) welcome back to the daytime!
  6. Smokie the Vampire boy.

    Make sure you get enough sleep in the daylight hours.

    The weather may be good enough for me to get back to my 12 hour days. So you can take my place Brotha!
  7. Well that was nice. Woke up monday morning with the sniffles. By the time I got off Monday night 101 temp. Yakkin and hackin. Called the doc this a.m. Said they could get me in in about 8 days! 8 friggin days? So I hopped in the truck and drove my ass to the emergency room, hung around there about 4 hours, got a vitamin shot and an IV, sent home with some antibiotics, I'm actually feel like I might live now! The night shift dudes just called and said they were going to take off the rest of the week cause they both were getting it too! Right after that, my boss calls and tells me when I get well to go back to days! OK. No prob.

    I must be allergic to night shift.

    Watch out for this years version of the Flu! It's a mother!
  8. I hope you feel better man. It sucks to be sick but at least you got out of the night shift thing.
  9. hope ya feel better soon smokin'

    i still gettin' over that stomach bug that's been goin' around. i better not the get the flu for a loooong time or i'm gonna be pissed, lol.

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