Valiums and a Perc

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by BlackIce, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Got 7 10mg Vs and a 10mg perc (traded 4gs of schwag for um).

    Last night I did 4 totem polls with some black russians. But anyways, should I do the 10mg perc or a couple Vs? I've only had a few (4) percs before, but I've done a shit load of valium in the past (none in a few months).

    So, Valium or Perc?
  2. Both? Valium doesn't do much and a perc 10 isn't that strong.

    Maybe 1-2 valium with the perc.
  3. Well I already took the perc but here's my experience with them.

    Took a 5mg perc, 1 hour later another perc, a couple hours later i finished off my last 2.

    I spent the next 20mins sitting with my head in the trashcan. just sitting there. not barfing, but i was FUCKED UP.
  4. took the perc with a black russian, then spaced out 2 valliums over an hour.

    pretty damn chilled right now.
  5. Enjoy it man
  6. Have fun, bro.

    Yeah, percs don't do much for me unless they are in the 30-40 mg range.

    Damn you opiate immunity (I use this word because my mind isn't working properly and I cannot think of the other word that is really supposed to go here)...
  7. I hope I do. It's 3:13am right now, I smoked all my bud like 5 or 6 hours ago with a buddy, so I guess I'll have another drink. I've actually had 3 valiums (10mg a peice), so I guess I have a tolerance to them.
  8. Valiums in general suck. I took 80mg with 6-7 beers and half a dozen shots and barely felt shit that was with no tolerance too.
  9. Mine are white, round, small, one side has a cursive V, the other has 50-94 and is scored down the middle.

    My google search says this is predezone. WTF?
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    Hold on, let me check. Expect an edit in 2 mins.

    EDIT: Prednisone they are.. Looks like you got ripped off?
  11. lol ok.
    it was a major buzzkill when I read it.
    I knew the perc was real, and i was 90% certain the V's were.
  12. Yeah, looks like it.
    Gonna bust some heads now.
  13. Pick up a lot?
  14. Do it.

    Them bitches!
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    he traded me 7 of those and a 10mg oxycodone for 4gs of some schwag. Wiki says a minor side effect is euphoria. wonder what would happen if i took the other 4?

    Never bought V's before. I've been given the blue 2mgs ones and taken yellow 10mg ones. They looked straight because of the V, but I wikied it and did a pill search a few mins ago and FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so pissed man. atleast the perc was legit.

    apparently the guy goes to jail tomorrow (or today?) for child support.

    can't trust ANYBODY these days.
  16. Nope. And you gotta remember if you don't have the bottle with the description right in front of you or a way to make sure, don't buy it.

    As long as you didn't put down too much money I wouldn't even bother going out of the way to fuck him up, but don't hesitate to knock some heads or get your money when you see him.
  17. Yeah that's some messed up stuff, man.

    I really only trust people I've known for a while. One of the main reasons I hate going out to dealers I don't know to find stuff that my friend/dealer has.

    I mostly deal with friends who have dealer friends that they trust, instead of with dealers that I don't know or trust.

  18. I probably lost like 14 bucks if I count the "valiums" for $2 a pop and the 10mg perc for 6.

    Paid with 4gs of some schwag so I guess its nothing to kill over, but godfuckindamncocksuckinmotherfucker. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!

    Euphoria is a side effect so i wonder what the other 4 would do.
  19. I enjoy that word... Haha.

    I have no idea... I've never really even heard of what you got now.
  20. I had to retype it a bunch just so i understood it lol.

    i had only vaguely heard of it from somewhere. sounds like cortizone lol.
    I really wish I hadnt of taken that perc. it was over 6 hours ago and the buzz is pretty much gone.

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