Valentine's Day

Discussion in 'General' started by Big Poppa Puff, Feb 12, 2002.

  1. Is valentines day a big deal for you or not? Me , I've never really cared for it because my birthday is just too damn close to it and it was always a shared holiday for me. I guess anybody who has a birthday close to a holiday will understand what I mean. But, for me as I got older I always resented Valentines Day. It was "Hey let's go out and celebrate V-day and your birthday together" Which really meant, lets go out and you treat me and I don't do shit for you beacuse its V-day. No that's way too strong but it gets my message accross.

    I usually wait till after my birthday to even think about V-day but I'm going to try to make it a little better this year for my wife. i've already bought her a nice present. I also got her some slinky lingere, but that's reall a present for myself. I got the flowers on order, and i need to get her a card.

    I'm going to try something new this year on the card. We men usually just walk down the aisle to get beer, lean over and just grab card off the rack. If any men here deny it, you know you are a liar, ladies. I got called out on this last year so this year I'm going to make my own card. Sweet and sentimental , I know, but also cheaper.LOL!

    I studied a few pointers and I'm going to put my verse here so you can critique my prose. And its going to be written by hand on nice paper, no computer print-out junk for me.

    Ready, here goes:

    "Wise men say only fools rush in,
    but I can't help falling in love with you.
    Shall I stay
    would it be a sin
    If I can't help falling in love with you." - Elvis Presley

    'Candy, I can't express myself any better than what the King has already said. I've loved you since the first moment I saw you and I'm still falling in love with you today. Would you be my Valentine today, tomorrow and forever.'

    Well that's it. What do you ladies think about that? Did I do a good job or do I need to improve it in any way?
  2. BPP....your wife should really enjoy that!! No-one better to quote than the KING, but your loving comment really makes it!!.........But most importantly....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!(Belated)
  3. i suggest you try to sing the king....
  4. BPP you have got it down pat! You are a sweetheart and your wife's so lucky!! :)

    I myself am kinda EHH this year. My you-know-who is not so learned on the whole romance thing, so I love him so much but am not expecting much... I got him a nice card and I will add my lil paragraph of lovies, and got him.. Can't say coz he reads my posts here, I already found that out !!
    But I figure it'll be a casual every-day "I love you baby."
    I'm cool with that, my birthday's March 3 so it's not that far off, and I really want to go to the beach for that and have an awesome weekend coz it's on a SUNDAYYYYY... :D

    But we'll see! I may be pleasantly surprised.
    I also agree with highya on singin' the king. that'd be perfect!
  5. I may try singing the King since I do have a voice like a nightingale. My singing voice kinda reminds you of Bruce Springsteen recovering from a three day drunk and then trying to cover a three hour Bob Dylan set. Should go over like a lead balloon.
  6. Well BPP.... Ya could always try Karaoke on the singin' part!!!HaHa!! Or Milli-Vanilli it..........remember, laughter IS a part of Love!! I plan on singing "I LOVE HOW YOU LOVE ME" to my Love with my delivery of my small gifts of devotion!!
  7. I had a NICE valentine's day (and night). I'm going to lea0ve work early today to go home and rest.

    The hand written Valentine card was a winner.
  8. Valentine's Day sucked for usual. I gave some good friends of mine that are women cards and made some phone calls wishing a Happy Vaelentine's but what did I get in return...not a damn thing. Well 1 woman called and wished me a good mom!?! Oh well...maybe next year, eh?
  9. BPP- glad to hear your valentines day went well. your wife must be a very lucky woman. Also glad to hear you had a productive evening. Vatoloco-sorry yours sucked. My went alright. I went out to dinner with this guy i started talking too. It was nice, but he doesn't smoke weed -at all. Sooo....i duno. this is gonna be a toughie. Hope everyone else had a wonderful day!!
  10. lucky me! i had an awesome v-day. phishhead got me, of all things, a 10 gallon fish tank! i have been bugging him for fish forever, but he was too afraid the cat would terrorize.

    well, i'll stick 'em somewhere where the cat can't get to 'em,a nd besides the tank has a nice sturdy top.
    now all i have to do is set up the tank, wait for the ph balance to settle, and find some cute fishies :D
  11. That's awesome! I love fish...I've always wanted a big tank in my wall like in that one Rocky movie (Rocky's son had the fish tank).
    I went to Chicago a couple weekends ago just to see the Shedd Aquarium. It was so cool. They have every aquatic animal you could possibly think of. They're expanding it and it should be done by I think Spring 2003. Can't wait to go back.
  12. Wow I was there about 6 years ago and I wish I could go again! Going to be in the Indiana/Illinois area in August/Sept I think this year. *cross fingers*
    We have the Monterey Bay Aquarium about 2 hours away - it focuses on sealife in the local area though, and there are some BEAUTIFUL local fish here. I never tire of going there, especially for the sea otters :) and jelly fish... I am hoping one day to have a nice large salt water tank with some colorful fish, but that's when I win the lotto.
    Yes, I said WHEN, not IF.

    I entirely forgot to do this too, yesterday:

    muah muah muah
    hug hug hug
    mush mush mush

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