Valentines day went FUBAR.... Any fix it suggestions???

Discussion in 'General' started by Stoned_Stew_UK, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. Ok, let me paint a picture first....

    Firstly the 13th Feb happens to be our anniversary (of first meeting, 5th this year btw) the last 3 years i/we haven't had the money to do anything beyond a card and maybe a crappy petrol station bouquet...

    So this year was different, had some money, bought a nice bracelet i knew she would love, card, dinner for 2 at a good restaurant (£60-£70 per head for 2 course) had a nice time, came home, got a good film that i knew she'd enjoy. All in all had a lovely evening she really enjoyed it and appreciated it!

    Id also ordered a matching necklace for today but didn't turn up as out of stock, ok so i've known about that about 3 days (but its on back order and paid for so couldn't go else where to get it!)

    Knowing that we had a great time last night, her knowing about the necklace (which i explained about yesterday and being cool about) thought that all would be good with the valentines day card, she'll understand and we can go out at the weekend as way of recompense....

    I've been busy at work today, she's had a busy day at work... Ok so i would have gone and picked up a nice bouquet from a florist anyway, but well unfortunate things happen and it completely slipped my mind on the worst day possible!
    So normally id have jumped back in the car and shot off to get some, only it was too late she was coming down the street when it hit me that i had forgotten them!

    So i thought, no, she'll be cool after yesterday and i didn't totally forget valentines... She will understand and be cool, and ill make it up over the weekend right?

    WRONG.... She comes in, seems ok at first can tell shes been busy but doesn't seem too bad.
    She sees the card, ok, opens it, all ok, has a pace about (i can see shes not happy with something) all f'ing hell let loose about valentines day, and not even a flower.

    It wasn't intentional to forgo valentines because of the anniversary, wasn't even like i forgot (card filled in and ready all week) just failed to get flowers on way home!

    I just expected her to be a little more mature about it and appreciative of the thought in general (we are middle aged after all)

    I'd appreciate and suggestions on how i can make up for it, shes tetchy and gonna be like it for days if i can't!
    I love her so id rather not have "get rid" off anyone.
  2. Wow. Personally I think she blew this way out of proportion. Since you stated you guys are middle age, I have to say it's odd that she's tripping out about this. I mean you guys just celebrated your anniversary yesterday, which is way more important than Valentine's Day...

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  3. give that necklace to someone else
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    My man.  What are you smoking?  Can I haz sum?  Sounds like some bomb diggity.  You want to make it up to her?
    She owes you an apology and should be making it up to you..... unless you want to continue to let her wear the pants forever.
    *edit* yeah I thought you guys were going to be 16 or something but when you wrote middle aged it blew my mind with her behavior.  Only something I would expect from a teenager or young adult that hasn't matured yet.
    sell that fucker, buy you a tent and some light...and grow you some ladies that will love you, and that you can love unconditionally. And next year give her some flowers that YOU can enjoy too.... ;)
  6. Show her this:
  7. Personally, that would have ruined any chance for me to even try to make it up. I could see being a little let down but (from what I've read) for her to react like that is uncalled for. You just celebrated your anniversary yesterday. Pulled all the stops and now she's mad because you didn't get her flowers the next day! Nope I'd just let her simmer in it. But maybe I'm heartless.

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  9. That's a bunch of crap what she is doing.  Been married 30 hears years and we went threw plenty of times we didn't have money for a lot of things.  Hey bills come first.  But when we did it still wasn't  a big deal to us if we didn't go out to some place special or if he bought me something I bought him something.  All that matters to us is we spent the time together and grew closer threw those harder times.  It s not what one buys one the other its what one has in their heart that matters!!!  These holidays are getting stupid!!!  You don't even get out of one before the are advertising for the next one or the next 3.  Everyone thinks you have to get and receive when in reality they lost what the true meaning of a lot of these holidays are for!!!
  10. take here out to eat or shopping an spoil her to death.
  11. Ahhh isn't Valentine's day so romantic? Best holiday!
  12. Lip sync to her a love song!!!  Make a fool of yourself and show her how she means to you.  You do crazy things in love!  And the crazier you get right now the more I think you will melt her heart!!!
  13. lol you're just going to make up by the end of the day anyway, regardless of what you do.
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  15. she sounds like a bitch
  16. First of..she over reacted. But am easy fix would be to make her dinner, go to the store pick up her favorite food, wine, flowers. If she still mad, it's on her, not you. Especially after what you said about your anniversary.

    Speaking on Anniversaries and VDAY...why is it the man who has to figure everything out about it, just once I would like my girl to try and plan some amazing thing for our anniversary and let me just go with it.
  17. Fuck valentines day, why even have valentines day when there are anniversaries. Just another fucking day to spend money on a bitch when we do that shit year fucking round. 
  18. Shit happens and things can't go as planned. Valentines day for us hasn't been the best but we making it work. Been snowed in for days and havnt been able to get out and get anything all week. Got up this morning and dug the jeep a path out the driveway and took my wife on a valentines day lunch and had her a lil present this morning. She had to work tonight so gonna pick flowers up on the way when my son and I go to pick her up. Have a bowl packed ready for tonight.

    Sounds like she may have had a bad day at work or something and just wanted to take it out on you. She will get over it. There's always next year.

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  19. I see no mention of what she got you. What's her excuse?
  20. She overreacted. Things didn't go as planned. Maybe she had a bad day and just took it out on you. I hope so..

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