valentines day help??

Discussion in 'General' started by coldcheese, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. so i'm meeting up with this girl who i met a couple of weeks ago, it's 2:45 right now and i have to meet her at 3:30. she's pretty cute so i'm not too worried about that. but the problem is i'm at my grandma's house in the suburb and there's nothing to do around here.
    i'm broke as fuck, tomorrow's pay day for me.. so i don't know what to do. yeah i want to just hang out and talk and all, but.. we need a place to go or something to do, which i can't think of right now....
    any suggestions?
  2. make her dinner at your place?
  3. nah i'm in a small little apartment with my grandma and her whole side of the family. it'd be too hectic. plus it's kind of nice out so i'd prefer somewhere else.. but also it might rain, so i'd need to know where to go if it does.. this is the first time i'm going on a date with this girl so i don't know if i'd invite her into my house yet.
    but what if it rains and we don't know where to go?
    shitt man........
  4. Go for a walk in a park or something like that.
  5. going for a walk is a grand idea. take a note from dave chappelle in half baked. on a side note, i got some dried pineapple from my mom today for valentines day, best present ever.
  6. put some barry white on. The rest will come naturally.
  7. Go hang out at Starbucks. They've got comfy chairs and you can just walk in and sit down and not have to buy anything.
  8. blaze a grip of bud at yer grandmas, then mob to starbucks^^^^. and get some dank food and drinks and then head back to grandmas and tax that shit.
  9. dude, you read my mind or something.

    we ended up meeting at starbucks, chillin and talking there for a bit, then just walked around town getting to know each other, then we came back to starbucks and just sat there talking for a couple of hours without even buying anything.

    great day man, she turned out to be a really cool girl.
  10. glad to hear that man. hope you had a good day
  11. yeah dude it was a good day, thanks for the concern.
    how did your valentine's day go?

    how did everyone's valentine's day go?

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