Valentines Day dirty dirty sex, and Humboldt SkunkxKush

Discussion in 'General' started by toker de PEACE, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. So first i didnt see really any other threads concerning all the awsome sex everyone had tonight, so let me be the first to say that i fuckin hate valentines day, but i was more then stoked to pay 120 bux for roses. i would have paid my girl 120 bux a minute to do what she did to me just now. She had been mad all week because i got pissed and broke the remote and yelled a few days ago, and so we had sort of been both doing the silent treatment and making each other angry by not talking for like 3 days, and so then this morning when she got the flowers and i got the smooch before work if i playd it cool tonight i was gunna get some freaky... hands down the best sex we have had sense she got pregant a year and a half ago!

    I also wanted to ask the smokers with knowledge of Beaster bud and its different variations a question. .

    I hate Beaster bud, with somewhat of a raging passion, but often in my area you can go a few days with beaster sort of being your only seedless option so i will have to bite the bullet and buy an oz here and there. i have been vaporizing for the most part and the hydro chemmy heavy yuckiness sucks, but i was blown off my feat by one something we bought last night called silver beast. It looked like regular beaster, but a good deal more green then usuall replacing the vast majority of orange, but the buds were much smaller, all pocorn, and all had a thick layer of well matured drum bell crystals. the oz really has a very white hue to it, and it gets you wicked wicked stoned. so my quetion is what is doen differently? is this a new geneic strand or simply the same thing im used to seeing just grown better or on a different light cycle or what? Any ideas or first simply curious, because its like beasters....thats good!? plus at 190/zip i mean shit hard to beat...besides the Humboldt shit which is dwindling. iv always ebeen then guy who would rather spend the extra 40 or 100 bux to get the dirty dirty.
  2. Potency usually just depends on genetics. Of course, caring for the plant and nutrients make up the potency too - but it's mostly genetics. Also, if the herb is harvested too early or too late it can lose potency.

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