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Vale Detox

Discussion in 'General' started by RipThatNug, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. What up city!
    I was wondering if any of you have used Vale Detox Formula before?
    I heard that it was pretty effective but I was just wondering if any of you have had experience with this drink before.
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    Well, I have a drug test at 7 am this morning. I bought Vale and the Pre-Vale capsules for like 39 bucks altogether. I usually use Toxin Flush, but I moved to Atlanta and couldn't find it there. Since this is my first time using it, I'm scared crapless. Wish me luck, and I'll be sure to post my results by the end of the day.

    It's now 5:30 am, I smoked 6 days ago and am going to drink water until I pee clear BEFORE I take the drink. I go ahead and flush with water and mainly use the drink as a backup just-in-case, as well for the vitamins to color my pee. I can read about home dilutin methods (i.e. water) until my eyes bleed, but I think it's more of a peace of mind for me to pay someone $40 bucks. After all, I can make that 40 bucks back while I'm NOT in jail, haha.

    Btw, this is the last time I'm going to do this crap. It's just not worth the risk, and too bad it took me 4 years on probation to realize that. If you are on probation, just don't smoke. I know, coming from a hypocrit, but not really. I just don't want to see anybody else get locked up for something that is completely harmless.

    Off my soapbox, I'm mainly just nervous as sh!t and have to do something with my hands. Forgive me. :D

    Btw, I forgot to add that most drinks pass the EMIT tests if you just follow the directions. However, what I've encountered is my probation officer notices that really yellow highlighter urine. What type of response should I give? I've already given him something about having to take B-complex vitamins daily, and he seemed to buy it kinda (he didn't throw me in jail, haha).

    This is the worst time ever to have to go in for a test, as I have finals starting tomorrow! That's really the only reason I'm freaking out right now.
  3. Well, I passed. Vale worked for me. Whoo, it was such a nightmare, tho.

    My urine didn't turn super neon yellow, and I think I know why:

    As I mentioned before, I flush with water BEFORE I drink the drink. It seems the color intensity is dependent upon the concentration of metabolites in your urine that the drink will mix with. In other words, it seems that if your urine is yellow before you drink the drink, it will mix with your already yellow urine (even though it "flushes" your urinary tract, it mixes to an extent), causing a much more noticeable super neon yellow. Hope this helps some people out there that have to worry not just about pass or fail, but about suspicion of flushing.
  4. That's good to know. I didn't smoke for like 2 months, and then I took 1 (one) dam hit of mid-grade 7 days ago. Now I have to take a test in the next 72 hours.

    I have been working a shitty job for a while now and am trying to upgrade. So I have to pass this test.

    I bought Vale triple strength earlier tonight plus the PreVale pills to take the day before. I'm nervous as shit, but I'm glad it worked for you!

  5. I know this is an old thread, but I'm posting to it because its definitely still relevant. I just used the Vale Detox drink, but didnt get the pre-cleanse. Here's the background:
    I smoked heavily for years with very few, very small breaks in between; usually no longer than a week. I am very heavy (about 280lbs), and haven't smoked for three weeks at this point. I also used the weeklong cleanse from GNC and have been eating very healthily for about 2 months (lost about 20 lbs). However I'm still showing positive on at-home tests. It's I'd now 7am, I have a doctors appointment at 8:15 for a new job, sometime during which there will be a drug screening. I'll come back and post once I get the results. If anyone reads this until then, wish me luck!

    Soapbox: It's completely ridiculous that the most harmless of illegal drugs stays in your system the longest. A friend of mine did coke 3 days before a test and passes with no help. *sigh* Maybe someday the public at large will realize that smoking is no more harmful than drinking (unless you could those damn munchies...)
  6. Def still relevant, when you're about to take a test you can't read enough first-hand accounts and tested strategies online--or at least I couldn't when I had a test coming up. Thanks for contributing I want to know how everything turns out.
  7. ive used it twice, one successfully, one not. First time I used the 3x or 4x or whatever and it worked fine, quit smoking for a few days, tasted like shit but I passed..
    Next time I bought a different, less thick version of Vale, and the person told me I had to take some like fiber pills or something. Anyway, less gross, but also didn't work! Unfortunately I could have used the second job more than the first. A real job vs. home depot...
  8. The only thing these drinks do effectively is color your urine. Drink water until your pee is clear. Then drink the drink and take the test within the timeframe. This way you're doing 90% of the work and then using the drink for the urine-coloring and clean metabolytes, etc. Sorry i'm really high this am but you won't fail that way it's the best method.
  9. J1032....you made 3 post over a 4 yr span....all in the same thread? Hmmm....
  10. I don't work for vale if that's what you mean..but yes that seems accurate i never posted grows on this site only overgrow back in the day...
  11. and it's because I get an e-mail when someone replies...
  12. This is my first post to this site so forgive me if I'm doing this wrong, I just want my experience with this Vale stuff to be documented somewhere so the next guy who decides to use this has some form of knowledge about it from a report. I've read many other experiences of other people, so I figured I'd add my bit. So it all started with looking for a job, I applied to many places, and to my astonishment one of them actually called me back(k-mart). Upon hearing the news yesterday(sunday) at about 3 pm that I have an interview tomorrow(tuesday) at 9 am, I was very exited. Then after much research and digging yesterday, I came to the realization that they do drug test people for pre-employment at k-mart. So naturally I freaked out all of last night because I know I wont be able to pass a drug test because of weed. Now, I'm not a heavy smoker by any stretch of the imagination, I love to smoke I just almost never have any supply. I'd estimate that within the last 30 days I have taken I few hits off of marijuana tipped cigs on about 5 to 10 different days. The last time I smoked will be about 4 to 7 days before today, although I cannot be exactly sure(short term memory deteriorating?). The only other drug I've done in the last couple weeks was some xanax a few days ago, I'd say about 4 to 8 days ago. I don't think the xanax will show up on this test because I think it only takes a couple days to get out of your system. Anyway, after much research yesterday night and this morning, I have decided to go with the vale detox. My dad was the one to mention it to me first, and the main reason why I decided to get Vale is because a few years back he was smoking weed about four times a day(I was oblivious at the time), and he said he quit for 2 days before the drug test and that he ended up passing. His test was taken at a lab similar to Quest Diagnostics, but it wasn't the same place. I live in Las Vegas, and my dad told me that the place he bought it was called Mr.Bills, so I googled that shit and yup there was one about 10 minutes from my house. It was just a normal smoke shop really, when I went in I asked for detox(even though I called before hand) and mentioned that I wanted Vale detox triple strength which they ended up having like 8 boxes of. I bought that shit along with the Pre-Vale pills because the girl recommended them to me. Just like the guy on the top of this forum it ended up costing me like 38 dollars all together, the drink itself being like 34 dollars. They didn't card me just in case anyone is wondering, I am 18 though so I could have produced an Id I was just never asked to. The nice girl behind the counter gave me directions as to how to use it on a sheet of paper, apart from the directions that are on the box and the bottle inside it. Back to what I'm doing to pass this drug test, I have been drinking lots of water from yesterday night, all the way up until now and I plan on drinking more until right before I have to take the test, and at that point I will follow the directions on the bottle exactly. In case anyone is wondering I am 6 foot 2 and I weigh around 150 pounds. I'm not lean, but I do have some fat on my stomach, I don't have much muscle, I smoke cigs and I'm not active at all. My normal diet is frozen burritos with cheese and garlic salt. I have been drinking only water for the last 6 months due to a massive kidney stone last december(fucking sucked). Right now, I am just hoping that this Vale stuff works because I could really use a job right now. Like I said the interview is tomorrow at 9 am, I am super nervous because this is my first interview ever, and my first job ever, as well as my first drug test ever. I know that I will get this job because the store just fired 3 people for stealing, and I also have two really good references already working there, It is pretty much set in stone as long as I can pass this stupid fucking drug test for the most harmless drug I've ever come across. I am also nervous because I'm not sure how this drug test will be administered, and I also don't know when. Hopefully they don't make me pee in a cup in the store because I need like an hour and a half before the test to drink this before its supposed to make me piss clean. I'll update this thread tomorrow with any new information that I get. Sorry for the long post I'm just trying to give any readers a complete documentation of my experience with this drug test and this product.
  13. So what happened?
  14. Response time is crucial.. I have a pee test @1230 i smoked 4 days ago.. Alot.. Yesterday i grabbed some water pills, cranberry juice and have been drinking water to the point if im worried about water intoxication.. When would be the ideal time to take VALE? I was thinking 1030.. Help.. i have not had to do this in like 10 years and am kinda freaking out..
  15. Idk if any will see this but
    I have an interview tomorrow and I have the vale detox one hour solution if I take it now will it still be effective tomorrow. or is there anything else I can do???
    I've never had to do a drug test before and I smoke today. Just a couple hits 

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