vacuum sealed wet buds

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  1. Hey guys, i harvested my plants a few days ago and had to move the buds to another location so i vacuum sealed the wet buds (about 600 grams wet)and drove to my new location which took around 6 hours. When i opened up my bag all the buds were squashed and meshed together. It just did not look good at all. That and i think alot of the THC stuck to the inside of the bag. Anyways, Ive currently got them laying out with a fan on them. Do you think they'll be alright if i dont get mold?
  2. Don't see why not I'm sure lost some frostyness but If the haven't and don't mold you good to go. I will just look squashed and shit. Who care if it's for personal
  3. You don't want a fan blowing directly on your dries them too fast. That's one of the worst things you can do to freshly harvested bud in my opinion.
    The slower they dry, the better the taste and smell will be, as long as they have access to fresh air and aren't enclosed in a jar or anything, they won't mold.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys

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