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  1. Long story short, a pipe fucked up and overnight water crept into my kids room through walls and everything...shitty old place...We found it in the morning.

    It's not like flooded, but the carpet is wet when you step on it....I'd say it's quite a bit past slightly damp though. Her bed unfortunately absorbed a bunch of it which stopped it from going further, though we are now down one bead-head storage thingy - the actual bed bed looks as though it'll come good.

    We don't want this to turn into mould so after some towels went down then into the wash, we put down some spare newspapers on the carpet then periodically we've turned and stomped 'em a bit.

    Wife realised I had these damp rid containers. I've also got a big refill bag.
    These are good at absorbing moisture from what I gather, so we have put two of the new "cans" in there, and some spilled out of one - we left it there, wasn't much. Came back and saw that it had and drew liquid from the carpet right through the newspaper. (Not bad)

    Though I was wondering if maybe this would be a quick solution?

    *So, you think direct on the carpet, or on top of the newspaper?
    *If it's direct onto the carpet - anyone had any experience vacuuming this shit up when it's wet/used?

    Thoughts? Advice?

    Nice lookin' picture eh. Hungry a bit?

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