Vacation watering ideas????

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    Ok I'm going away on vacation and I have my crop at about Day 8 flower. I was at 5 plants but lost 3 to being males. Anyway question is I usually feed on Fri or sat then water plain pHd water on Tuesday or Wed then feed again Fri or Sat. I'm going on vacation I'm leaving Friday night Saturday morning so I can feed the day I leave but how should I go about the watering in between until I get back the following Friday night or Saturday? I was considering watering stakes but was concerned with feeding then pretty much immediately inserting watering stakes thar they will get overwatered. I was also looking into a smart zwave watering system that I will setup and then just water from my phone when soil moisture meter reads dry which should be around Tuesday or Wednesday. What's everyone's thoughts and what does everyone else do if they leave for 7days during a grow? And no I don't have anyone that knows I'm growing so I can't ask a friend to just water one time for me. Thanks in advance guys!! I'm anxious as hell trying to figure out the best approach!!!! Oh and I only have 2 plants (unknown bagseed from some superdank so fingers crossed) now due to sex loss from switch into flowering, and they are in about 7gal containers with ffof soil using GH MICRO and GH Bloom and GH CalMag and just stopped the GH GROW this week. My timer runs my 1000watt HPS on from 815pm to 8am and off until 815pm again. I'm using a 4x4x7 tent with 6in 600cfm exhaust system on speed controller thru air cool hood with carbon filter and separate 6in inline 240cfm intake. Temps run 74 during lights on amd 65 lights out. RH about 40%-45% Thanks again guys!!

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