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vacation questions

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kandyman35, Jan 29, 2002.

  1. Can anyone give me any info on smoke friendly spots to vacation in the continental U.S.?
    Maybe, lead me to some info.
  2. Nowhere in the United States is smoke friendly.
  3. How friendly do you mean. Some areas are more tolerant than others. New Orleans French Quarter is pretty laid back and you can smoke on the street and in some bars with a little bit of discretion, but not with a "in-your-face" attitude. The cops there are more than likely make you put your joint out rather tahn run you in and have to hassle with the paperwork.
  4. I understand that there are no completely legal smoking locations in the states but New Orleans is a great bit of info since I only live 6 hours from there and a train ride would make for a great journey.

  5. N.O. French Quarter is fairly cool, like Big Poppa says,but like he said, use a little discretion! Was there just the other night, smoked on the street, and saw more going on, but 5-0 is tighter this year because of Super Bowl & the threat posed to all of us since the 9/11 tradgedy!! Hope ya have a HIGH ol' time in the "Big Easy"(New Orleans) and don't forget to bring a camera! Beads for BooB (and below!) photo ops has got to be the best barter system ever!! Rooooll On!!
  6. If you can afford it, go to the Netherlands, Jamaica, or Barbados. All 3 are good vacation spots, my favorite is the Netherlands. Almost everyone speaks English, the weed is superb; you can tour pot-growing hothouses, eat almost any variety of ethnic foods, great Belgian beer, tulips, cheese. Avoid staying in Amsterdam (too big & expensive) We like Utrecht and Maastricht. Check out the
  7. Ive heard costa rica is awesome. In oregon if you have less than an ounce the most you can get is a ticket.

  8. This past weekend i took a vacation of my own to the biggest city in my neck of the woods, Longview. Me and a friend rented a hotel...then went to find some women at the local bowling alley. We found a pair that suited our taste, and invited them back to our hotel. Well of course, we got shit faced, smoked more than an oz, and did away with a 30 pack of keystone. We bought some BC powder for the next morning.....but for some Gawdawful reason we ended up snorting the shit. It was the most fun ive ever had(hell im only 17) my advice to you would be, go get a hotel in a big city, and go pick up some girls...oh yea dont forget the supplies. latta
  9. go to and look for marijuana laws and check each state i believe in some states you can actually carry some weed on you without getting into any trouble at all but i'm not sure so you'll have to check out each state but n'awlins sounds cool
  10. People are fairly cool with smoking in Key West, FL. Everyone there is burnt-out hippies that got pushed further and further south in search of a job.
  11. big parts of cali, oregon, washington. ann arbor, michigan. amherst massachusetts. new mexico. arizona. maine. south side of boston. dude, go to british colombia. vancouver. it's the best city i ever been to. it's big cool and pretty, and the weed is just silly out there! canada doesn't have any significant DEA! weed up the yinyang and it's sweet. white rhino, northern lights, all the bc bud. legalization is seriously, almost here, from the underground up. we're smoking it up folks.

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