vacation in paris

Discussion in 'General' started by pekin, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. yo im going next summer to paris and i heard some good things about their hash , clubs and chicks... just wanted to know if anyone been there and can tell me about the place.. hope to hear good things.. GOD BLESS WEED
  2. Ermmm Im jelly. Always wanted to go to France. I have no advice I just wanted to say you are a lucky fucker. Take meh with you? ;)
  3. be my gust ;)
  4. France is a really nice place, not sure about the whole clubbing and weed scene though seeing as I was only young when I went. Have fun though man.
  5. yah i know what you saying , i been there to only when i was young.. thanks though
  6. I went to Paris but at the time couldnt smoke. That being said though even sober it is a fucking incredible experience, quite frankly anywhere in Europe is amazing but i know you can go to to bars and just ask around. I've seen quite a few tourists get some that way, just make sure its pretty late around 10 at the earliest. And mostly you will find hash for sale so just make sure it isn't soap bar and you'll be all good
  7. aight.. thanks man!

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