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  1. Hey everyone my lady and I are wanting to take a trip to a recreational legal state and would love some tips/better times to go/places to stay etc.... We have no idea what we "want to do" but there is not much that we wont want to do. Ya dig? What say you? We are coming from Savannah Georgia

    no real parameters set in stone.... flexy vaca

    Thanks a hearty
  2. Colorado is an awesome and extremely diverse state. I highly recommend that any everyone visit the Rockies at least once. My wife and I visited from TN and decided to relocate here a few years later.

    As far as where to visit, it is a diverse state as I mentioned earlier and the best place to stay is going to depend on what type of activities you want to enjoy.

    Denver is your typical large city offering a wide variety of activities, entertainment, and dining.

    Estes Park is simply beautiful, though packed in the summer. If your a fan of horror films this is where the Stanley is located, it's the hotel where The Shining was filmed.

    Colorado Springs is smaller than Denver, and offers less options but is convient to Pikes Peak, Manitou Springs, and has one of the most amazing city parks called The Garden of the Gods. Rec sales aren't allowed in the city or county, but are allowed in the city of Manitou Springs. Manitou Springs is a whacky, odd, ex hippy turned wealthy eccentric community. If you come in October, check out the coffin races.

    If you are in to white water rafting, outdoor activities, and smaller communities then check out Fremont County, Salida, or Buena Vista. Small mountain towns offer very little night life, but in my opinion are the hidden jewels of Colorado. To me they have a feeling of community that is hard to find in other places, and the vast majority of people are the most warm and welcoming you will find anywhere as long as you are respectful.

    We also have Mesa Verde National Park if you are interested in Native American cultures.

    Interested in the American West? Glenwood Springs is the mountain town where Doc Holiday is said to be buried, although some conspiracy theories place his body in GA.

    I could go on, there are so many places to visit here in Colorado that almost anyone can find a way to enjoy themselves on vacation.

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