Va People???

Discussion in 'General' started by FillaBong365, Feb 13, 2002.

  1. I need a bag dammit and it seems like no one smokes here... i just moved to virginia and i have no connection, and i dont know anyone...see what im sayin...oooo all you nice smokers out there should send me a nice bag...hehe come on be a pal share the green.....
  2. ahh must suck to move and not have weed connections.... wish i could help ya but im about 2500 miles from VA....u should have someone from your previous city mail u some under a fake name so if u get caught u can say it was the previous owners mail....actually thats a bad you'd get caught for that prob....
  3. hey fillabong, where in virginia are you, cause i might be able to help you out if you're ever in need. peace.
  4. Newport News... lol im still hear lemme know where u at or whadever we could burn a BIG OL FATTY... hehe ....peace
  5. i'm up near DC but go down near you often to hit up VA beach and do some surfing. we should get together. peace.
  6. dude .. well i dont know how to surf but... im from ny man NO but my uncles up by dc and ill be down to the beach fer like 3 days like the 14th... u got aim or msn.. if ya do im me my names smokesensimillia aight .. peace
  7. I live in VA too... But my hookup is dry right now. :(
  9. i'm in the VA and i have tons of connections. if your close to where i am we should smoke together :-D
  10. im in bad news... well newport
  11. well i'm in richmond but i make frequent trips to the beach now that my mom's friend lives down there (i stay at her house for free!). i'm actually trying to go next week. IM me @ blusbird54. i'm always on. currently working on getting a bag for the trip. :)
  12. I'm in Petersburg (like 30-40 minutes south of Richmond) and I'm lookin' for a hookup as well. I have one but he's dry right now so...
  13. i just talked to some people and i'm getting hooked up this week. Aleax, we should go hang out at the river sometime!
  14. Well really all I'm looking for is a new weed hookup, not a date. Got a woman already (MysteryMoogle).
  15. well that's not quite what i was talking about. i just got a new source and however much you want i can get. bring moogle to the river too! lots of stoners down at the dead rock. :)

  16. Hey, that's cool... sorry, I guess I was stoned and jumping to conclusions when I posted that. I can be paranoid and weird at times when stoned... LOL. Anyway, yeah, we could use some new stoner buds... we hardly know anyone who smokes up. Would be nice to get into a party crowd, or at least meet a few select friends to toke up with from time to time...

    Dunno where the dead rock is... maybe we'll hash (no pun intended! :D )out details in a PM or we could exchange numbers and plan something out.
  17. It doesn't delete the old message if you edit? Weird.

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