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Uv Light

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Toberson, Nov 26, 2003.

  1. Ok guys im gonna have to use it.

    I have no money for flurous or any other things.

    I think it will work ok, il post pics once it gets going.
  2. Nope it wont work. Theres not enough light in the correct spectrums. You can buy a 42w Cf for $10 or just buy a pack of 26w CFls for dirt cheap on sale. or just keep an eye out for floro fixtures in dumpsters, look for a store that is bening renovated, they usualy put in new lighting asn throw away hundreds of perfectly good lights, fixtures and ballasts.
  3. It will work just not as good, this is just a test to see if it works anyways..
  4. hell, go for it.... the only true way to learn is by acually testing it for yourself....
  5. We learn from our mistakes

    get $11 together and buy a 42w cfl from home depot if thy haev them in stock or just get a 26w for $5-$7.
  6. Or grow it with a uv light. ive seen it done before, i know its not as good, but it still works, im only testing..
  7. now that i think of it, its not gonna work at all.... see, it puts out almost no wavelengths usable by the plant, it would take like 20 UV lights to put out the same amount of usable light as one cool white flourocent, so your better off buying 2 cheapass 2 bulb flouro fixtures and 4 bulbs and grow with that...
  8. I second that.
  9. its working great, plants are bouit 4 days old and are bout 3 inches tall.. leaves are fanning out nicely..
  10. then your one of the first people in history to grow with a blacklight.... try flowering with it....
  11. thing is im not even sure if its a blacklight, its a luminos green plastic thing with a purple light on it, dosent get hot really, and is pretty powerful but not like a uv light. its growing good too.
  12. how much do i water it at 4-5 days?
  13. can you find a picture of what the light looks like? when you put a white object under the light does it glow?
  14. it glows a light blue on some a4 paper..
  15. is that uv? i dont care if it its working great, ill get pics soon for yall, thick stem too..
  16. yes, please get pictures soon.... and if it glows blueish it doesnt sound like a UV to me...
  17. Im starting to think that there is a bit of stretch going on, there getting tall...

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