UV light + Daylight blue bulb.

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  1. is this going to help my plant? or is it no good for a young plant?
  2. Okay i took the UV light back after reading some comments on them.. I now have a daylight blue 60watt bulb, a warm white 60w energy saver, and a cool white 60w energy saver.

    How's it sound? i know the whites are 1,200 lumens together.
  3. oh thanks buddy, plant hasnt grown at all... wondering if i need more lights? :\
  4. only 1,200 lumens all together? :confused:

    my 26w CFLs are 1,100 each...

    what kind of lights are these?

  5. If these bulbs have filaments then they won't work sorry. You need one of two types of lighting.<O:p</O:p
    HID lighting systems are expensive but put out far more lumens per watt of energy used. These are the best lights to use
    High pressure sodium- Expensive but the best all around light; not great in veg but the best in flowering, red spectrum.
    MH- A little less expensive then a hps system best lighting for veg state as its high in the blue spectrum.<O:p</O:p
    Florescent lights don't put out as many lumens as the HID lighting but can be put much much closer to the plant(only a couple inches away). For veg you will want cool white lights and for flowering you will want warm lights. Cool white has more of a blue spectrum and warm has a red.<O:p
    Floro tubes- Cheap but your going to need alot more of these to get the job done.<O:p
    Compact florescent(the swirly lights)- Cheap and your gona need a lot<O:p
  6. Watch out with UV lights people.
    Those that are made to brown your skin will damage your plant's leaves beyond repair easy!
  7. just purchased a 23 watt CFL which is equal to 125 watt incandecent + a 48 watt CFL which is equal to 240 watt incandecent.. + my old 11 watt CFL which is equal to 60 watt incandecent...

    Reckon i got enough?
  8. it's a start , enough for 1 or 2 plants mayb

    don't expect big harvest though

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