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Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Aug 2, 2003.

  1. Back from a wanderin- yet again. How flies the shit everyone. I have just been through a bit of a strange old time. Basicly I started seeing this girl about two months ago. Yesterday I broke it off. I realised that we were getting too serious- and had been from week 1 really and that I didn't really want that- wanted to focus on other areas of my life. So here I am, single again and fucked off that I have ended up hurting her- yay. I suppose what had to be done had to be done. Anyways- what's happening here nowdays then? Who's new, who's left and why can't I see any posts saying how much you all missed me- apart from the fact that that would be a downright lie

    "Yeah I miss switch, like do you remember the time when he didn't really say much."
    "Yeah or the time when he was really quiet"
    "Man. Good times, or what about when he kept himself to himself on the city? That was a classic."
  2. HEY SWITCH!!! I went on a drunken post spree on night and posted about 40 threads about you, asking where you were and how much I missed you, polls and everything, but just to get my post count up. lmao :p
    anyway it *is* so good to hear from yea pal! it sounds like you got some priority focus going on.. nothing wrong with that, you heartbreaker ;) its okay, you have to do what you have to do...
    you better not go to far off wandering! yea hear!!? :)
  3. It's good to see ya back Switch.... I have been thinking about all the people who have disappeared and you came to mind!

    Are you back for a bit or what?
  4. Who deleted all of my "Where, oh, where is Switchy Boy?" and "OH DEAR GOD, How I miss Switch!!!" threads????

    I'm so sorry that my masterpieces dedicated to your long-time disappearence from the City are missing. Shame on those mean moderators!!! SHAME!!! ;)

    Sorry about the chick...she probably couldn't handle you anyway. I mean, after all, you are Switchy Boy!!!!!

    I'm quite the happy girl due to your return! :)
  5. Yeah I'm back for a bit- not quite my former self (which at one point was more than five posts a minute- which is the week when my post number shot up like a bunny on viagra) but I'm back here- coming up on my two years at the city anniversary.

    I feel like shit- I just got a text message on my mobile phone:

    "I miss you :'( "

    ARGH- I hate doing this kinda shit!
  6. weeeeeeelcom back sweeeeeeeetcho! weeeee meeeeeeesed yah! :)

    man... you broke it of becaue it was too serious? that sounds to me a tad drastic. have you told her what you just told us? may i suggest you do, and that if you do still really like her as she obviously does you, then you should get back together with her and lay all your cards on the table.

    suggested approach:
    "look babe, here's how it is. i really dig you and i knew it from like a week into the relationship that things were serious, but its been too serious, i'm at a point where i really need to focus on other aspects in my life. I'm sorry i did the stereotypical guy thing and freaked at the thought of more than a miligram of commitment but i i just need some more space even though i do still feel things for you. sorry if this seems like im fuckin wit ya."

    or something along those lines. in yer own words of course. and dont say it if it aint true.

    ... you do still like her right?

    oh and btw.... i cant remember just how long ago it was that you were gone for.... i think i remember seeing you pop in a few times during your absence (see we do care after all. lol)... but i hope you're up to date with the crazy goings on of the city. ;)
    the madness continues.
    dow get yo ass in the box and in spirito&philipho and give us some of that classic switchness.
  7. Blah.. damn you people that can just toss away a relationship like that.. I would be over joyed with a serious relationship, having NEVER been in any sort of relationship at all.
  8. errr well number one I'm not just "tossing it away" I thought about it a lot beforehand and I did talk to her (though undr digit's advice I am gonna talk it over again to see if we can work it out- I really do wish there was another way to do this).

    Number two don't judge me, please, I am really into this girl but next year is MY LIFE being decided- getting the grades in the end will decide whether or not I get to go to the uni I want to, study the subject I want to and get the career I want to. I really do care for her but this is the REST OF MY LIFE I am talking about and I don't want to commit to her too deeply at the moment- I'm just not ready to.
  9. No judging comin from me! I dunno you.. how could I.

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