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Utah prices and how to tell quality of bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TBKDub_Tree, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. Yo, so I am hoping to acquire some weed, and I was wondering exactly Utah prices are so I don't get ripped off. If you don't know, what are some general prices? Also, what are some tips for telling the quality of the bud?
  2. Generally like 20 - 30 for mids 55 to 60 for some dank and like 45ish for some beasterish. these are for 8ths.
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    prices in midwest
    $15-20 a gram (1 gram)
    $50-60 an eight (3.5 grams)
    100-120 a quarter (7 grams)

    never had a larger amount then that.

    as for quality, this is what i look for:

    -color: it should be a tint of green (light or dark), or purple (light or dark). avoid the color brown. orange hairs are good too.

    -smell: should smell pungent. not all good weed smells stinky, but in my experience most dank weed has a strong scent. usually either a piney/earthy, lemony, or skunky scent. or a mix between them.

    -crystals: the bud should be covered with tiny, clear crystals. the more crystals, the better.

    -texture: the bud should be dry and sticky. bud that feels moist means it wasnt properly cured for... but doesnt necessarily make it bad. also, a bud's hardness (compression) or fluffiness doesnt always indicate good weed either.

    -leafs/seeds/stems: all bud will have stems, usually a single stem surrounded by actual bud. bud with a few seeds isnt always bad, however if you come across a bud with seeds... you shouldnt be paying top price. also, if a bud has too many seeds, it's garbage. dont smoke the seeds, pick them out of the bud. as for leaves, the bud shouldn't be leafy. a few short leafs is okay, but if you notice it's dominantly large leafs, you shouldnt pay top price for it either.

    long orange hairs is a plus. i love bud riddled with orange hairs.

    don't buy bud that is ground up, at least not for full price. bud should come in little or big "nuggets".
  4. to add to it

    $150-170 a half o (14 grams)
    $300-340 an oz (28 grams)
    $550-600 2 oz. (56 grams)

    This is for your average to dank chronic, middies is like 50 for a quarter i think, i dunno I haven't ever bought mids.
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    What town? because I got 1/8th for 10 bucks but its really dry here because the main supplier just got busted

    Edit: I'm in Tooele
  6. Haha like I said I never have bought middies or shwag. I'm in Salt Lake and chronic is 50 bucks an eighth.
  7. h-town is some expensive shit comparativly..
    $25-30 a gram
    $90-100 for about an eight

    some dank beaster dro
    dealer is easily persuaded to cut a bit off though
  8. Yeah dude what i just had in my bowl was chronic and I'm pretty fucking high right now all for 10 bucks i freaking love my town
  9. lucky mofucka lol enjoy that dank cheap weed
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    across the atlantic here in bolton its

    1.7 gram-£10- a tinth
    3.5gram-£20-an 8th
    7 gram-£40-a quarter
    14 gram-£70- a half oz
    28 gram-£100-£140- 1oz

    yours seems overpriced

    good shit too
  11. utahins! Haha email me or pm wit info could use a new supplier
  12. I know! Shit down here is expensive! Luckily, I found a hookup that can get me an 1/8th of Chronic for $60 :D
  13. i get some green for 50 for 1/8, got some OG kush lucky me for the same price 50 :)
  14. Down here in St. George it goes for $50 or $60. The $50 shit is always hella good. It is only ever $60 for shit like Maui(what we are on now) or like sour d like last week. We get pretty good shit.

  15. I assume he's referring to Houston... I don't know anyone that pays more than 20 a gram for top notch shit. I know a lot of dealers who sell to younger people for like 25 a gram, even then an 1/8th isn't 90 fucking dollars...That is fucking ridiculous.

    Prices should be
    Eighth - $50-60
    Quarter - $100-120
    Half - $150-200
    Zip - $350

    Anything more than that, you need to find yourself a new dealer.
  16. I'm in West Jordan and i have 2 connects with identical prices. I never buy less than an eighth so I don't know how much you get in a dub or anything.

    1/8 $50
    1/4 $90
    1/2 $170
    1 oz $300

    Those prices are for super dank stuff. I can get mids for like $35 for a quarter, but the only thing I get that for is cooking, which I don't do often.

    I'm calling BS on the $10.00 eighth from tooele. I'd have to see that shit to believe it. You may be getting weed for that price, but it's either not a full eighth or it's brickweed.
  17. lol. okay. so i can get a half ounce of DANK. like. i'm talking good chronic for $135. I also get 1/8 of dank for only $35 and I live in springville, Utah. Just south of Provo and Salt Lake City. This city is far from dry ;) i have an amazing half ounce of lemon skunk (early girl) right now.
  18. Yea my dealer is in salt lake and she sells what she gets for $50 an eighth, had blue dream and afwreck recently :hello: and god damn was that afwreck crystally :smoking:
  19. WOW. You all need to come to North Bay, Ontario.

    1 gram = 10 bucks
    3.5 = 30 bucks sometimes 25
    7 grams = 45 sometimes 40
    QP = 4 ounces = 600. so thats 150 an ounce :)

    and im talking fucking dank ass weed. shit that gets you retardedly fucked.
  20. I used to live in Vernal and you could only get 60 an eighth, 55 if you knew the guy. Now in SLC I don't know where to buy it but I've been around people who say it;s 45-50, depending on how well you know the dealer.
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