Usually do you buy minty or fruity gum?

Discussion in 'General' started by EASYlivin, Oct 7, 2010.

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    Its a debate, I vote fruity. I cant get enough of my orbit fruit flavors! If i do buy minty gum its for the weekends cuz i might get lucky at a party ;) spearmint if so.

    I usually go through a pack in a few days. im a fiend. Its needed for college classes. most of mine are 3 hrs long!

    unrelated, I dont think anyone can give negative rep anymore, is this true?:rolleyes:
  2. The bottom shelf button is on the topple contuitive angle. DUde. Keep it up man. I know you have a lot of ideas goign for you here and I dont do that sor of thing to keep it up how much of a happy I am for you..
  3. Its usually random. I don't prefer one over the other.
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    I love fruity gum, I don't know why it makes me happy.
    I like different flavors besides the variations of mint.
    I like some tropical explosion in my mouth.
    Right now these two are my faves.

    WTF that mystery gum is, is beyond me, but it's damn delicious.
    Oh and I really like Orbit Raspberry Mint....mmm.
  6. ^mystery flavor IS THE FUCKING SHIT
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    a happy medium.
  8. im a fan of 5 react, because its black, fruity, and its got this color changing thing when u open it, its the shit

  9. I've always been an artificially fruit flavored kinda guy myself.

    I like the candy watermelon flavor better than real watermelon.....and I'm black. :eek:
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  11. Minty. I chew gum only to get rid of bad breath.
  12. always minty.

    i hate that fruity shit, its all too sweet and makes my teeth feel dirty.
  13. I don't buy gum, you're lame.
  14. Minty, it smells best after its gone.
    Fruity tends to blend and form a weird flavor/smell after its gone
  15. artificial mint makes me feel wierd. no thanks.
  16. Layers motherfucka its all about the green kind!
  17. According to this poll, I'm lame.

  18. Gum cures the cotton mouth ya know?
  19. Fruity for sure.
    I brush my teeth everyday, but i almost never eat fruit. Gotta get those 5 servings in somehow right?
  20. I like the classic big red. Mmm cinnamon. and some of the 5 gum is good, the apple one especially.

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