USPS SUCKS, pretty irate right now

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    USPS can eat me.  SO bought a piece off of someone, that guy was a seriously good seller, he stayed up late till 3am to get it wrapped up and clean to meet the date he promised me, he woke up that next morning early and was at PO by 8:30am.  I payed additional to get express ship and it was supposed to be here before 3pm today but tracking shows it's at post office.  Now gotta wait till Monday.....DAMNIT
    WHY am I so pissed?
    Cause THIS is what I bought--- My first heady piece, so wanted to do it up right--luv the left ear

    there's a function vid on here for this guy.

  2. That's a real sick piece yo
  3. ya...not like there is a winter storm causing troubles for millions...fucking usps just suxors huh... :eek:
    nice piece though! :metal:
    just relax, usps didn't order the snow... :smoking:    I did... :bolt:
  4. How much does a piece like that cost? My only nice piece is a signature series Helix I got for 130 or 140, don't recall.
  5. ya conditions suck right now but usps  is just terrible never once gotten anything on time from them use ups next time you can also goto the post office and pick the package up man
  6. my area, we have 2+ day overnight deliveries...and that's in good weather.
    sucks being remote at times... :smoking: good to have something to do... :bongin:
  7. Nice piece for sure, its twisted.
    If you wanted it today you should have bought it last week.
  8. YESSSS, just as I was came.  Moral of the story, bitching and moaning gets results lol.
    I'm going to take a few pics and start a new thread....minus all my pointless bitching and moaning.....
  9. Congrats on your first heady piece man! That's fuckin sick

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    true i get mad @ late delivs too but its not an on purpose thing.
    gr8 effin piece tho didnt no wut it was till
    i knew wut i was looking 4
  11. That's one of the Munny collab pieces right?  That's a sick series.
  12. no, it's a dunny, the munnys don't have ears.
    Both are based off kidrobot vinyl toys.  Coyle does the munnies (well more people do em now too, Drock, luda) but coyle's are worth the most and the most well known.  The hole to smoke from is at the top of the head.  Cap'n Crunk does the Dunny most of these are just Crunk's work not collabs, mine isn't a collab.  The hole to smoke from is on one of the ears.
  13. Oh ok, still a cool ass piece.
  14. i love usps. better then any other shipping choice out there. gets to u withing 3 days from the other side of the states. nd over night froom the same state. UPS took 6 buisness days to deliver me something thats litterally shipped from an hour nd a half drive away
  15. cap'n'crunk dunny correct? very nice snag
  16. Bro, same shit happened to me... was getting this today and the fucker didn't bother going to my apt office and having them sign for it like he should.... like they ALWAYS do. They left me a note saying i had to be there at time of drop off to sign.... well you want me to wait at my mailboxes for the mailman to sign for my fucking package? go to the office you lazy fucking mailman!!! so they took it back to a post office that closes at 12pm saturday and obviously sunday its closed... was PISSED.


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