Using stakes to support plants.

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  1. Hello guys at Grasscity!


    Just a quick one, if a grower wanted to support branches as they get heartier and bigger into flower, can I just jam some stakes in the growing medium (coco) without worrying about damaging the roots or have I left it too long and need to use something else to support branches?

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  2. I wouldn't "jam" them in, lol. Use the thinnest stakes u can and be gentle. They will be fine.
  3. yes your fine. Sometimes I stick about 20 bamboos in each pot..
  4. I do it all the time, you'll be fine... Bamboo slides in easier when coco is wet..
  5. You won't damage the roots.......I use wooden dowels.
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    Like bamboo. Use it tons. Have had wood dowels go moldy and funky in my coco setup. Don’t worry though. Had one while we were all totally locked down that needed tons of support. Ended up using the 3 bamboo stakes I had left and breaking the handle and eyes off of a couple old fishing rods. Necessity being the moms of invention and such. If it holds them up, it will probably work. Here is what was left of her. Jock horror auto that shot like 7.5 feet. Took 4 dimensional chess game and tons of supercropping to keep her under 4.5’ and in the box. Great training experience. Amazed at what they will tolerate.

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