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Using someone else's urine for a drug test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Marco0811, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. I'm going to be given one of those take home crappy piss tests and I was wondering could I save my friend's urine for about a month and then use it with this take home test?

  2. uhh I don't think it would work.. get it like a day or two before? I'll overnight you my piss for $50!! :D :D

  3. Well, don't forget about body temp man. That pee better be warm when you hand it over to be tested. Otherwise, the jigs up. :rolleyes: I don't see this as a very viable option, but I'm sure someone's gotten away with it before.
  4. i doubt your parents are going to check the temp. it would work as long as the piss doesn't go bad. i would advise getting the piss like a week before or even the day before if possible.
  5. Is there anyway to keep it body temp?

  6. store it in your mouth and spit into the cup after a few minutes...:D
  7. Ok can you microwave the piss to warm it up before the test and tuck it under your sack while on your way to the test?
  8. Ok can you microwave the piss to warm it up before the test and tuck it under your sack while on your way to the test?
  9. is there an echo in here?

    is there an echo in here?

    op, why would you need it a month in advance? just get it a day or two before you have to turn it in..
  10. Your going to keep your friends piss for a whole month? No need for that. Get the piss a day or 2 before the test... and just warm it up before the test.

    And why are you getting a take home drug test... I mean, its obviously not for a job because why would they let you take home a drug test? If its from your parents... Idk what to tell you. If your parents are that fucked up they would drug test their kid for weed.... You gotta do something about that.

  11. show them the union while smoking a j.
  12. get his piss a day or two before and tape it under ur sack on the way to the john to keep it luke warm and just pour it in. Job done.
  13. You can freeze it if you need it for that long, but I would suggest buying the same one they have, and try it out with a little bit of the pee. Or, take an eyedrop bottle, pour it out halfway and fill it back up with bleach. Carry it in there and empty it into your piss. Worked for me last night.
  14. Get hanwarmers to keep the piss body temp:smoke:

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