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Using salt to pass drug test?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by smokeweed1, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. Some guy I met at a party last night said he heard about a way to use salt to pass a drug test. what he said to do was to put some water on your finger and dip it in some salt. then you rub it on the bottom of your wang. When you go to pee in the cup, you scrape the salt into the pee and you will pass. Anyone else tried this or heard about it working?
  2. I have never tried this, but I'm sure it would in some way show up on the test (the sodium, that is).

    Sounds more like hearsay than anything else.
  3. If there was such an easy way to pass a drug test, we'd all have heard it by now..
  4. hahahahaha I just about busted a nut laughing.

    He was probably joking and tricking you into rubbing salt close to your peehole:eek: OWWWW!!!!

    The absurdity of the things that are rumored to beat dug tests is ridiculous. Most of the time, tests are not observed, so substitution is easy and gives you a 100% chance of passing if you get clean pee. A few hours browsing substitution threads really paid off when I swapped my friends pee for mine and passed my drug test in June.

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