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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by dbdarrel, Apr 1, 2003.

  1. I live in an extremely rural area in the southeast. I have a spot off my property that I have planed out for growing my crops, and I'm pretty sure that no one will notice. My question is that the soil in the area really doesn't seem to be of really good quality, and would it be a good idea to lug out some pots in the woods and grow out of them? That way I could buy some good soil and it would give my plants a better enviroment to grow from. I don't have much experience growing outdoors so I thought I would ask you guys. Thanks a lot
  2. id just bring in some soil cause if ya have any finger prints on the pot and the coppers feal like taking finger prints if they find it and the will probably if they find a big pot not just like a seed fell into the ground and grew by its own they would know u were out to grow potit gives a good guide on how to do soil in i think sidious's page that is posted in his lil thing under his name it says dig a hole like a foot to 2 feet deep and fill it with top soil and perlit mix and be carefull cause when watered perlit the white things float up and g2g now cya
  3. yeah, sid's site is a great guide:

    Grow Guide have fun growing....when ur ready post some pics of ur grow, i love seeing people's grow pics :)
  4. Personnally I agree with Hoko bring soil and just mix into the spot you want and throw the soil from the spot just to the left or right or behind you or anyhere.... Pots outdoors are much more noticeable from the air and yes they will be seen more obvious than just another plant growing out of the ground.... Plus no matter how rural the area is TRUST me someone ONE is all it takes could be walking by 30 feet away and a potter would stand out to me more than just the plant... Then again I can smell a plant a mile away... ;)
  5. Thanks for the info guys. My next question is what should I use as far as store bought soil and fertilizers go. I'm on a pretty limited budget and really can't go balls to the wall with stuff. From what I've been reading I should dig a hole that's 2X2X2 ft and use a bag of cow manure on the bottom, then filling the whole with potting soil. I was planing on buying the stuff from like Kmart, or walmart. My Question is that is there something else, from your personal growing experience, that is extremely important that I need to add. Thanks for helping out, and I hope to hear from you guys.
  6. Check anything Sid has put up and you'll find a link at his Sig. for a grow guide check out soil's/prep there... The manure and soil you shouldn't just layer them you want to mix the manure sand peat moss and soil or whatever all togetehr to get a nise fertilized nutrient soil mix and good airation for drainage and the roots...
    good luck....
  7. yeah, check out Sid's site:
    Grow Guide

    i thought u should wait to put the fertilizer in.......
  8. you should get some 20-20-20 fertilizer and use it 1 time a week.....not at the beginning stages of growth
  9. YOu can use a pot in the woods filled with Wal MArt potting soil and it will work fine. The bigger the pot the better the growth. Drawback is that you have to keep a better eye on it when that mid summer drought hits in the SE USA. It doesn't take long for some high temp high humid days to kill a plant.

    You also gain mobility by being in a pot. You can move it when you want if you think the heat is on.

    BTW, fingerprints outside on a high density polyethylene plastic pot has a very short lifetime, less than 48 hours.

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