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Depression Using Marijuana as another medicine

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Jupiter7, Aug 24, 2017.

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    Hi, I've been on antidepressants ever since I was 14yo. Well, off and on. I've also went through a decade or more of heavy drug use. Out of fear of my drinking getting worse again, I went into rehab earlier this year for a "tune up". I was also having psych issues, so I needed to talk to someone. I started getting high again on marijuana and I feel confident that I can just use marijuana and continue on my road to recovery without hard drugs. I relapsed on alcohol a few times, but it wasn't that bad. I barely got drunk and I REALLY don't have any plans on continuing to drink. Only socially and I'm happy to say that I feel I once again have that power to stop drinking before I get too drunk.
    I see myself using marijuana for my psych issues (depression, anxiety, paranoia) and I'm wondering if there are ppl here who have ditched psychiatric pills for marijuana? I don't recommend doing this if you suffer from severe, life-harming psychiatric illnesses or if you're unable to get control over your symptoms.
    I'm going to start going to a therapist just so i have someone to bounce ideas off of.
    I'm sorry if there aren't clear questions in this thread. I just want to see if there are other ppl who are or have been where I am.
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    Try and find Citrus type terpenes like either cannabis citrus strains.
    add into diet cannabimimetics like beta caryophyllene ( whole black pepper) / D-limonene etc to liven up your cb receptor capabilities.. use too lots of omega three to six fatty acids for better cannabinoid production. hemp seed oil is great for that ... I use fresh chopped lemongrass added to hot water and then green tea as a daily citrus type terpene boost and as much black pepper freshly ground as possible... Watch out for indica only, most likely will just make you down more but sativa without a cannabimimetic boost can burn you out too... it's all about the comedown with cannabis. A perfectly grown to completion strain will have that balance naturally bred in from plant health alone... how many of those do you find though...
    anyway, cannabimimetics work through your ECS ( endocannabinoid system) where all noticed effects from cannabis use are located.. if you are up to it here's a article on it...
    Cannabimimetic phytochemicals in the diet – an evolutionary link to food selection and metabolic stress adaptation?
  3. Hey man, I picked up a medical card for my depression and I feel that it is helped me. Not everyone is the same so I can't say for sure that it would help especially in your situation but if you notice that it helps and you can stay on the straight and narrow I would suggest trying for it. good luck
  4. Im a vet from the first gulf war and cancer survivor. I have anxiety, panic attacks, depression and a few other mental issues. I was taking a handful of pills daily to cope. Then I realized that shit was creating a whole host of other problems. So I weened myself off of all of it except one medication and use ganja daily instead. It's made a huge difference to be honest. The only issue I have is the occasional panic attack. I think some strains set off my anxiety and panic so I'm carefull about what I smoke. Aside from that ganja works exceptionally well for me.

    I will go on to say that addiction has a very close relationship to self medicating. You hurt, be it mental or physical or emotional, and when we don't get the help we need we turn to self medicating. Every vet I have talked to felt that their own addictions had a very close tie to self medicating. You find help for those problems you have and you'll find your connection to illegal drugs and alcohol fading to the background.
  5. I suffered from type 2 bipolar with major depression. I was on a laundry list of drugs and has tried almost all of them. Last year I looked into MJ as a help for my chronic pain. Would have laughed if you mentioned this 2 years ago, but desperate. I live in a tightly regulated state so was an expensive choice but I needed help with the pain and to get off opioids that where no longer helping and causing major issues. MJ helped with the withdrawal but still bad after 6 years of use. Tell you what for the last year, no psych meds, my therapist even backed my recovery using MJ and things have been very stable. MJ allowed me to slow down my thought process and digest the important and throw out what isn't. That is what saved me. Just my experience, every one is different.

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  6. I suffered for 20+ years with severe depression & severe anxiety. Pharma meds all followed the same cycle: starts working for a few weeks/months only to slowly spiral back into the depression ditch. In January 2015 I was close to being committed.

    In February 2015 a friend suggested I give cannabis a try. The friend helped me buy 4grams. The wife looked up how to make canna butter. With the canna butter she made some small oatmeal cookies.

    Within 30 minutes of eating the 1st cookie I felt the weight of depression leave me. I experience joy again. My wife is so happy with how cannabis helps me she will literally walk through fire to make sure I have my medicine.
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  7. the most simple explanation is cannabis creates molecules that the endocannabinoid system in humans use to signal neurotransmitters and homeostasis... just boost your metabolism as much as possible to help those cannabinoids metabolize fully and to help your come down... not sure if you've experienced that yet but the come down from the high makes you sleepy usually... if you can time your dose to coincide with sleep when you come down @ bed time Great right! but yeah, boost your omega three amounts and check out the cannabimimetics like whole black peppercorns Deficiancy Abolish Endocannabinoid Function.pdf

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