Using lemon juice to adjust ph

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  1. I have been using the tap water (ours is one of the top ranked cleanest and natural taps in the country) and have been adjusting it with lemon juice to drop the ph to 6. The tap water comes out with a ph of about 8.4 ... I have watered the plants 3 times so far with this and they seem perfectly fine... my question however is, will lemon juice affect my nutes when I start using them in a couple weeks?

    I will be using Botincare Pure Blend Pro Bloom
  2. I havent used lemon to lower my pH personally but I have seen a grower that did... he was in soil with plant amp nutes and his girls looked happy and healthy
  3. thanks for the comment... and yeah... I got a bottle of lemon juice that was laying around my kitchen and 1 1/2 cap fulls brings my 4 gallons of tap down from 8.4 to around 6... I just hope it doesnt interfere with my nutes
  4. make sure you adjust your pH after you add the nutes because that will change it too... also potassium and calcium are other natural ways to balance pH
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    I was just thinking about this driving home today after I bought a bottle of up and down adjuster. I was just thinking a paid like 20 bux for lemon juice and milk (acid and base).
    - Edit. oh I see milk is a base. so I guess it would be lemon juice and ammonia
  6. or baking soda

  7. Baking Soda can build up on roots, its ok if your in a pinch but I would not use it all the time.
  8. thats why you remove the baking soda that doesnt dissolve in the water, just saturate it. Dont just throw a ton in, cause yes you will get build up

  9. ... It will build up with time I once again would not suggest it.

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