Using fluro ballasts for HID

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    Hello to all. I recently asked about converting an MH ballast into an HPS ballast yourself. While doing my research I ran into something strange. I found a video of someone using fluro ballasts wired in parallel along with a makeshift ignitor to power an MH bulb.

    [ame=]YouTube - Home Made Super Cheap Metal Halide Ballast and Igniter[/ame]

    The circuit diagram that he shows in the beginning is available here as well.

    Metal Halide DIY Ballast.GIF - Windows Live

    I was under the assumption that the ballasts for fluros and those for HID were fundamentally different and therefore couldnt be used. I want to know more and I know there are electricians that frequent the site along with savvy growers who might be able to explain this further. I'm just curious and after some googling couldnt find much more about it.

    Edit: Also if anyone has any input on the mh conversion to hps check it out here

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