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  1. So I just recently switched over to the floraduo nutes after a trial run showed that they immediately turned my plants from sickly to healthy. I've been using them for a couple of months now and I'm just cutting my first plants pushed through with it, and my yields are definitely up. I just use floraduo in veg, and in flower i add the kool bloom 0-10-10. I'm getting much better results but i feel they could be better. Right now i am measuring my ppm and adjusting according to the stage like this:
    cuttings - 450 ppm or 1 tsp B and 2 tsp A, their mild dose
    mid veg - 600 ppm
    late veg - 750 ppm
    early flower - 900 ppm
    mid flower - 1050 ppm
    late flower - 1150 ppm
    Does anyone go higher then this for flowering ppm with the floraduo? also I have seen people use it with a supplemental source of Calcium and Magnesium, but I haven't yet since there is some already in the A and B, and I use tap water with a ppm of about 50-70. I'm basically looking for that maximum yield with this product, any pointers help! keep in mind I'm asking about using this product in conjunction with promix, don't care about how it works in the hydro setup, running part of my flower as hydro with great results but I want to get my soil to catch up

  2. Hey I've been using the flora duo expert recirculating line almost in full with a few amendments.. I love my results so far! I am using the A and B almost tailored to the chart but toward the end, I lay off the part A a bit.. too much N.. You can mix a slightly higher concentration of feed if you think the plants can handle more ppm's.. each strain likes a different ppm.. and sometimes a different ratio of food all together. I just had 3 different strains on my table.. the main run and 2 sample clones of other strains. as far as ppm, they all needed different amounts and one got over fed one got under fed and the main bulk was just right except for too much N... fox tailing.... PPM in veg can go as high as 1400 ppm potentially.. you could stay in the 1000-1200 range with some plants no problem. ease in to it. some plants cant handle that.. its trial and error.. sched/GH-FloraDuo-REC-Charts.pdf
    Their chart recommends ppms of 400-600 wk1, 800-1000wk 2, and 12-1400 wk 3 veg.. you can go way up.. if you see burnt tips, back off just a tad and U'll b rockin! 
    Personally, I add Hygrozyme to my mix. I also use H&G's roots exculerator instead of rapid start in the beginning. Big roots = Big yield! and at the end, I do a final flush with florakleen then feed 3 days with Sugaree then 1 more flush and straight h2o for 3-5 days. helps flavor and bulking.. definite results! I also add Dyna Gro's protekt silicate earily on for extra stem and cell strength..  
    A major benefit of the Duo line is that it wont kill ur micros either.. I add orca and or great white and just started with sub culture- B.. Micros help the plant eat everything and build a secondary immune system to fights mold and nasty stuff. 
    If your using the liquid koolbloom during flower, maybe you could try to finish the last week or 2 with the dry k bloom instead.. its more of a bulking ripener/ finisher and could help add weight.. also, flora Nectar rocks! puts crystals and resin out like you could juice our plant! 
    this chart is a great place to start with the company recommendations, if you combine that and ur personal experience you'll find what our looking for!

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