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  1. Anyone familiar with using compressed co2 gas to help grow?
    What I would like to know is after dosing/delivery of the co2, how much time is considered suitable for the plants to justifiably benefit from adding co2. Before a period of extraction is needed?
    My concern is heat stress. Thus needing to perform a more regular extraction & intake cycle.
    So far in this early veg state I've set it up to maintain co2 for 44mins, then 8 mins of extraction, followed by 8 mins of fresh intake. Cycle repeats over the 18 hrs veg stage.
    If I break it down in to smaller periods to perform more regular exchanges of air to control temp. Where is the cut off point before using co2 is pointless as it's being extracted quicker then the plants can benefit?
    If there are any growers that can help me out with this I'd be grateful

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  2. What kinda lights are we talking here......and how big of a space?
  3. I'm using two 315 cmh but they're not dimmable ( which I'm possibly gonna regret not buying? )
    The space I'm having to work with is 2m (200cm) high x 2m length x a depth/width of 1 5 (150cm)
    So it's not the biggest space I've had the luxury of using?
    I've not used these cmh b4 & this is the first time using co2 on my own. Ive got the right kit with an ndir sensor which is spot on where I've paired a unis regulator alongside a trolmaster control box. Seems to be working ok, though need to speak to someone on their technical side. Concerning the sensor shutting down co2 operation once the lights are out? As this doesn't seem to happening either as quickly as I like or @ all? Giving just low enough readings to allow it to stay on. But having to manually override systems @ who knows what hours as you know is s headache. These lights can bring temps up to 31f / 90/91 c
    Ok so things can be hotter with co2 but that seems a bit too high on a regular basis?
    Although I've got all the top equipment for this run. As we all know it's never that simple as equipment is only as good as those running it? This grow is behind for a number of reasons that could easily have been avoided!? Yep easy to be wise after the event!
  4. Well....this is just personal opinion now...but I don't think your plants will really benefit from the CO2 you are putting in there......with those lights you are using.....simple, good quality air exchange would give em more than your set up.............AGAIN......thats my .02
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  5. I was going to post this same reply.

    You need a lot more lighting for it to be worth it.
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