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CBD Using CBD Oil for Sleeping Problems?

Discussion in 'CBD Oil' started by Tom Sharp, Aug 23, 2019.

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    I've been having sleeping problems for the past few months and I was wondering if anyone has any experience of using CBD oil to help sleep? I can't use THC at the moment as I suffer from anxiety but I saw that CBD isn't likely to cause anxiety as it is better tolerated? Also, what is the best form to take it in?

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  2. I’ve found CBD oil very calming but has fallen short of inducing sleep for me. Anatomical diversity can cause inconsistencies in humankind, however, so my best advice is to give it a try.

    I purchased a full spectrum product consisting of 1oz of MCT oil infused with 1500mg of CBD. I put 12-25 drops in a size 1 gel cap. Don’t try ingesting it directly or mixed with any type of fluid. I can’t imagine used motor oil tasting worse!! I also tried an isolate but it fell far short of the entourage effects of a full spectrum concoction.

    Good luck
  3. Thank you very much for your insightful reply, that's very helpful
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  4. Yup..I have what you have too..tea works..Decarb..Butter, Green Tea Honey & water..All goods..
  5. You could try a product called Meladol from a company called Cibdol, they have an oil blended with melatonin which may be of interest. or you could supplement with melatonin alongside taking a full spectrum oil.if easier to source Melatonin - Wikipedia
  6. Thanks..IL stick to the buds .sh** I used a gram for first time without decarbin..I used my body temp cause buds taste strong & feels stronger...I made tea with it..I was watching marijuana history & then I woke**..that was the sh** thing is smiling it's so hard to practise not smiling when good..Thanks again anyways .
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    I had no positive results with cbd oils that contained only 0.2% of thc. But right now i have a cbd oil that contains 1% thc, and results are a lot better. You can buy yourself legal cbd flowers and make the cbd oil on your own, without co2 extraction. Than you'll have about 1 to 3% thc in it. Personaly, i think that co2 extraction method is stupidity. You need rso cbd oil, it will not get you anxious.
  8. CBD gummies, if real, definitely work. I tried CBD at a festival years ago, ripped a rig, didn't care for it. Didn't even seem like it did anything. Then again... I was pretty drunk so not a good judge at the time. Much more recently, like a year and a half ago or something, I bought some CBD gummies at a local gas station thinking why the hell not. Ate some, knocked me on my ass. I don't remember the MG in each but they're sold as "extra strength" or whatever, meaning they're the strong ones. At this point I've found that:
    1 gummy = chill
    2 gummies = sleep
    3 gummies = crazy munchies and then sleep

    Actually though, 3 or more gummies and I might freak out a bit so whoever is saying they don't induce anxiety is maybe wrong because I definitely had a bit of a freakout one night after eating a few of them. I was like falling asleep while watching TV a little while after eating them and then suddenly got up, ate everything in my kitchen, and then passed out hard. Woke up feeling groggy. Didn't actually appreciate the experience all that much because I wasn't expecting any of that mad stoned style nonsense to happen. I thought it'd be chill and I'd just fall asleep. Well, now I know 2 is basically my limit lol.

    I keep like 5 packs in my cupboard just in case I'm having trouble sleeping and need to wake up early for something. My best friend's mom uses them for the same reason. Says she'll only eat like a piece of one, but she's half my size. It's probably a trial and error thing because we're all different so my advice is to start low! Don't eat more than 1 if it's your first time!
  9. I have a very good results now with cbd oil, with about 40% cbd, and 1% thc. If i take it enough throughout the day, i can sleep like a baby at night, and it helps with my thc withdrawal a lot. I am now 3 weeks without thc weed and this oil helps with reduction of irritability and mood swings a lot.
  10. Some of my friends used CBD Oil because they had a similar issue. Some of them said it was helpful. Others said it made no difference.
  11. My granny uses CBD oil for her lungs problem, I don`t know if it helps but at least she sleeps very good :love-mj2:
  12. it's super calming, so it definitely helps a lot with sleeping problems as well

  13. I've also tried this product and it has help a lot, i have had some stress and anxiety problems and this has help me when i want to sleep well
  14. Did you just put the green in the tea without decarbing ?
  15. I think he did
  16. CBD alone does not help me sleep, but taking CBD along with a really low dose of THC does.
    Without the CBD I can't take THC either, it gives me anxiety it makes my heart feel like it's going to be out of my chest.
    I take a gummy that's 2mg THC and 6mg CBD. Sometimes I only take half.
    Or I vape an oil that's 4 to 1 CBD / THC or even higher CBD.

    I do take straight CBD for other things. It's great for my migraines and I find it takes the edge off anxiety and some pain.

    The biggest thing I find with any of this is a CBD has to be a flower or plant extract, not isolate.
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