using carbonated water for co2?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by J.B. Franklin, May 3, 2011.

  1. i was just thinking. If you used plain water and used co2 to carbonate it and then sprayed the plant would this help co2 intake at all?
  2. idk i had the same question

    when i posted it here all ppl said was dont bother

    not sure maybe someone else here knows
  3. water your plant with perrier and let everyone know
  4. Ummm no. Roots need O2, leaves absorb CO2
  5. im not watering the soil with it just spraying leaves down with a mister. i tried it last night and the plant looks pretty good. im not buying sparkling water im using a CO2 canister to presurize water which carbonates it. idk if the store bought stuff has additives so i went this route
  6. Short answer is YES you can spray with carbonated water.

    Long answer is that if you are running proper ventilation the value added will be minimal (if at all).

    I would say its not worth your time.
  7. wow, i thought i heard it all. pretty sure you are just wasting your co2.
  8. lol alright i'll cut off that venture
  9. You are. Most Co2 set ups involve tightly set up grow facilities and venting that involves recycling alot of air. Co2 filled air is sucked out run around so it cools and pumped back in. You can spray anything you want in the air and most of it will simply go up into the atmosphere.
  10. I was wondering if you could pump some Co2 to the airstone in a DWC setup? If so it would save time $ on needing extra timers, regulators
  11. /\/\/\/\
    C02 is heavier than oxygen so it will settle to the lowest point where it is introduced. in your case the bottom of the DWC bucket. roots need oxygen, not c02
  12. True that the plant above the soil needs CO2 but below the soil needs O2.

    There really isn't much CO2 in carbonated water -- your plants will get more benefit if you just breathe on them.
  13. With that said the logic doesn't make sense. If I pump Co2 to my plants all the Co2 that isn't instantly used by the leaves falls right to the floor (where the roots are) follow? Which is what got me thinking about it in the first place. It could be the Co2 on the floor making the difference more than the leaves. Anyway just trying to use the co2 as efficiently as possible plus I'm always game for any hacks on my way to a better chop chop. Peace yall

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