Using a rolling machine

Discussion in 'General' started by blitz, Jun 26, 2001.

  1. Ok, I am feeling really stupid right now.. I can't figure out how to use neither the JOB rolling machine nor the futurola. I just don't get how your supposed to put the weed in, roll it, put the paper in, roll it, lick, and roll it.. don't get how to get it to work right... can anyone help?

  2. Ok, this is weird.. I just tried the futurola again.. and I made a perfect joint! hehe... I seem to have goten the hang of it... though still confuses me exactly how it's working.... not to mention it sure takes a lot of pot and packs it into a small joint.... hope the joint burns and smokes goood.
  3. Enjoy, you'll get the hang of it!



    glad to hear you got your items!
  4. Well, with the futurola, the instructions at first made no sense... and when I first tried to use it the weed just came out of the center... all you have to do is get the hang of rotating the tread thing... once you get that the paper goes right in, and wolla, it comes out good. The other roller I got, the JOB one, seems to work almost the same.. but it is harder to rotate the tread.. so I'm still having some problems with it.

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