Using a refridgerator for a grow box

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Aoplayo, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Think about this. What if you had several plants growing in a fridge. The fridge would be on and the cool air cold cool the lights instead of balasts.

    Is good bad or stupid.
  2. I believe that would be too cold for plants to grow.
  3. maybe use an old fridge, dont turn it on. strip it out, rig up some fans and lights. and it should be very dark for when you need it to be
  4. this was actually suggestion in the Cannabis Grow Guide (Don't remember who wrote it, he wrote it while in jail)

    Said one of the stealthiest grows he had ever seen was what looked like an old refrigerator in the back of some guys garage. The freezer area was the Veg and the frig area was the Flowering.
  5. If you wanted to run it you could use timer on the actual fridge lol. If not maybe there is a refrigerator that allows the temp to stay around 70 or some way to rig up the thermostat. I have seen fluro fridge grow on youtube and it seemed to work nice.
  6. You would kill the fridge fairly quickyl, even if you turned it up all of the way it would constantly fight the lights to keep cool, and fridges are not made to run all of the time.

    You would have to strip it out or something. Cut a hole in the back with fans for vent.
  7. Not with a few fluros (3 spirals or less).
  8. I don't understand this comment. Are you suggesting that the fridge could cool the ballast? Or that the fridge would cool the lights instead of the ballast? Or what?

    I don't think regular lights and certainly not a ballast would last very long inside of a running refrigerator, too much condensation.
  9. DuH, the light goes out when you close the refrigerator door.

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