Using A Blowdryer Instead Of A Towel (On Your Body)

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  1. Is it acceptable?

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    you're most likely gonna burn yourself, hair dryers get a lot hotter than people think...go ahead and hold it on a spot of raw skin and see if you can take it...

    or are you talking about an air compressor? i mean yeah it'd work but it'd also blow all kinds of dirt and dust on your wet body
  3. Doesn't seem like a great idea.  It would take longer to dry, and you'd be wasting electric power. 
    Sometimes when I use a blowdryer in my house, the breaker will blow a fuse for some reason haha
  4. You can very easily. Or I can, at least...
  5. Probably a dumb idea and a waste of time and electricity.
  6. Nobody is saying you have to hold it on one spot holy shit move it around problem solved.
  7. Lol. I use it if im blowdrying my hair after a shower. It most definitely won't burn you.
  8. I don't know about you, but when I blow dry my hair I feel all hot and sweaty. Wouldn't that make the shower I just took useless?! I refuse to even use a blow dryer because I hate how it makes me hot, even with it on "cold" it's weird.
  9. I'm cold blooded, girl!
  10. It takes too long. And I'd imagine it would take even longer for a guy with more body hair than me. 
  11. Bingo!
    Seeing how most blow dryers are 1200-1600 watts, it is in fact a waste of electricity, money, and time.
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    In my experience, I get dry WAY faster with the blowdryer than a towel, but I assume that this depends on the humidity where you live. When I'm in the desert I can dry off with a towel very quickly but in more humid climates, they always leave me kinda moist. The dryer does not. Also instead of being coldasfuck when you get out of the shower, you're warmasfuck. Much more pleasant. 

    Still....something just seems wrong about it.... :confused_2:
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    Whenever I go into the locker room at the YMCA there is ALWAYS a old guy standing in front of the mirror naked using a blow dryer to dry off. The sight can not be unseen :eek:
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    I prefer the classic towel dry body + blow dry hair combo. I can never get my hair right when I towel dry it...
  15. Using a blow dryer on your whole body is time consuming
  16. Lol water an electronics don't mix
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    When I made the thread, I was thinking more along the lines of towel-drying yourself and then fine-tuning with the blowdryer, if that makes sense...obviously I titled it wrong lol...
  18. I dry with a towel and it takes no time at all.  How humid is the weather where you are at?  I'm next to the beach and humidity is usually in the 60-70% range, 1 min tops full body dry with a towel.
  19. I like to stay cold after the shower.  If I heat up I'll just sweat, and then I'll need to shower again.
    I always use a towel after the shower.  After that I  stand in front of the fan in my bedroom and let the boys dry off in the cool breeze  :cool:
  20. Why waist the energy when a towel works just fine.

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