Using 5 gal store returnable container.

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  1. Anyone use these to store they're pre mixed water/nuets? I have one and was just curious if i could fill it up, ph it, add neuts and just store, and use as needed. That way im not constantly phing water and adding nuets and shit? Just curious?
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    ya but it's best done with an airstone and small cheap o air pump and without nutes...only last a day or two though...your nutes will build up salt's without a flow system
    it's best to store ph balanced water first with an air stone..then add nutes when you go to use it..
  3. so your saying i can use this 5 gal water jug, and ph the entire jug, then i have to airate it with an air stone, to keep the ph from changing?
  4. the air stone help's with the ph but it's mostly to keep the water from becoming stagnant..just like air, still water also get's stagnant..
    bus yes you can store the water like this...then add nutes when you want to use it..

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