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  1. My UserCP is not working, I've cleared cookies and all that fun stuff already ;)

    I get this message:

    Invalid specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator

    I know you're busy, but when you have a chance to fix it, I'd appreciate it.

    Thanks! :smoke:
  2. I think maybe we used our user cp's too much yesterday. :eek::p We've worn yours out! :eek::p

    Mine's fine btw. :wave:

  3. LOL! I told Yoda we broke it when it stopped working yesterday :laughing: :wave:

    :D It's working now :hello: Thanks! :cool:
  4. :wave::laughing: Tell him the server is slow too :rolleyes: :p:smoke:
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    the User CP can only handle so many smileys per page.. and you clearly went over the limit.

    edit: seriously.. are you still having the problem?

  6. :hello: smiley overload ftw! :laughing:

    It's working now, thanks for checking AW :D

  7. :laughing::laughing: :poke:

    I've got such a guilty conscience, that that thought did actually cross my mind. :p :hide:
  8. way to confuse the user CP guys..
  9. That's nothing, I''ve got some joker spamming mine with random pictures of turnips. :mad::p:bolt:

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