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Use kief for Ramen noodles instead of the included mix?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by cwmasterbob08, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Could that work? What would I need to do if it wont work alone?
  2. Add butter? That would not work by itself
  3. Lol wouldnt do anything.

    Make cannabutter and then anything that calls for butter in the recipe will get you high.
  4. Kids these days..
  5. hahaha deffinitly saw the powder on top and was like hmmmm.. lol everyone starts somewhere.
  6. dank flavored noodles lmao.
    i seriously wanna know what it taste like, try it and let us know!
  7. I do believe i tried this once...way way back in the day..i was pretty damn stoned at the time and for some reason thought ramen noodles had enough fat to absorb the thc or something maybe and put like a .5 of some mid in em...
    They tasted alright enough just didn't get me high...even though i passed out shortly after i ate them.

    Miss those days when i used to get really damn stoned off just a blunt or two..
  8. Actually, it could work if you have butter and enough kief. Like I mean a gram of kief. U can get a gram for 10 bucks at most dispensaries

  9. Kids? Excuse me but we get to thank a lot of the marijuana edibles to Kids. Why are you being such a hater anyway? Sounds like you need more weed, or better weed.

  10. Sounds like it might just be better off to do brownies. I know edibles use a lot but I didn't think it was gonna need that much.
    Maybe I'll try it one day when I have the weed.

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