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  1. Hey everyone.
    This is my first thread ever on this page so do tell me if it is posted in the wrong section.
    I am a 20 year old guy from Denmark who smokes weed almost everyday and have been doing so for about a half year. When I first started smoking i was pretty disfunctional (couldnt focus, played worse guitar (I'm a guitarist) etc.), but now everything is actually getting better. I play better guitar when I am high and I am not nearly as unfocused as I was before.

    So the situation im in is: Should I keep smoking weed and embrace it and try to turn it into a positive thing or should i watch out and minimize my smoking?

    I believe that if people treat the drug with the proper respect that it needs then it might just be a good thing to smoke weed, but i don't know. Does anybody else feel this way?
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  2. It always amazes me how some individuals can just walk away from cannabis after even heavy continued use and never touch the stuff again and some may enjoy an occasional high and never want anything more... Me? I have resolved myself to the fact that without meds my life suffers greatly. With the way the opinions are changing, the growth of the industry gaining firmer hold worldwide, the stigma will be reduced (let's hope!) and we will all eventually question why we ever questioned the continued use! What is it the docs say to us when doling out much more dangerous pharmaceuticals? ”If the benefits outweigh the risks” and them risks of cannabis be low as all hell... It makes the most sense!
  3. Welcome to the city, blade! :smoke:

    Societal pressures ought not to deter you from having the most happy life possible. Regardless of the opinions of others live the most full life you can imagine for yourself. Cheers, blade!
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  4. Welcome to GC Oveergaard. If weed improves your life, smoke it. If you think it's harming you then don't smoke it. Follow what your conscience tells you.
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  5. Weed is legal and treated like coffee out here, calling it a drug is an insult to lots of people. We don't take kindly to being called drug users. Denmark I'm sure it's not as common and you being new with it, doesn't know how to properly consume and use this wonderful plant. Do some research, spend some time reading up about it, you should be consuming the correct amount as well as the correct strain for what ever you're trying to accomplish. If your idea is to smoke just to get high and all weeds the same you got a lot to learn, maybe take a break and come back when you've done so.
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  6. There are pros and cons to this. It's a life style things. If you feel smoking daily is necessary and it helps you do be productive then you have your answer. I wouldn't recommend smoking all day though. That counter productive. Being to high all the time will make you lose focus and energy.
  7. I disagree, I use a sativa throughout the day for an uplifting, energetic feeling, then a hybrid at dinner followed by a heavy indica before Bed. I work from sun up to sun down on a farm with nothing but focus and tons of energy which I also keep in check with a good meal before inmedicate and a light snack after if I'm feeling s but weak. It varies from person to person,. But if you consume correctly, you shouldn't have any problems. Smoking may not be the right choice, vaping is a lot less of a heavy high(imo) maybe try that if you're losing focus and energy from smoking all day.
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  8. Exactly what I meant. I grew up in the hood around people who smoke 10 blunts plus per day and they accomplish nothing. Maybe because they don't know the type of weed that they are smoking. I most def prefer sativa throughout the day
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  9. whatever floats your boat, OP
    i think you are better at guitar because you practiced more

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