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Discussion in 'General' started by WeedWilly, May 9, 2006.

  1. where is the better weed?
    in usa or in europe?

    my uncle was in us an he says, that the weed there was the biggest waste he've ever smoked!? eeeeeheeehheee??!?!?!?! what?!?

    so whats your opinion about this? :confused::confused::confused::confused:
    have somebody some experience about this?
  2. well i see see the whooooole point of this thread,....
    when replying people,...please remember to be nice,...or dont play with trolls:D
  3. maybe he ran into a bad batch. i mean europe should have some dank ass shit, but come on now, the US has many many more people and a lot more room for weed growing. im european and have pride in it, but i think US would win that competition.
  4. im from america, and id have to say europe, just because of amsterdam, and holland and stuff, those people are PRO growers, but eh, what do i know, cause i bet there are better growers in america, so i change my answer, AMERICA RULES!

  5. Actually theres a LOT more growing going on in europe considering that noone ever gets busted for having plants in their own homes.

  6. I got the answer, just send me the best bud from the Europe and send me the best bud from the U.S. and I will smoke it all and tell you who is better. JOE>:smoke:

  7. Can I be co-judge?
  8. I'd have to give the edge to the US on this one. Amsterdam has some real bomb stuff but I've smoked some real deal here in the US. White Widow and AK are pretty damn good, but I got some Hempstar here and something called Patty B which will knock you out before you can finish the bowl. Amsterdam's got Northern Lights #5 which isn't too shabby. I got Jack in both places and both were real quality.
  9. I would have to say that the best of America's weed and the best of Europe's weed is probably around the same. There is only so high of a THC percentage that weed can have, and im sure that both areas have similar quality bud at the top tier level.

    I would say that Amsterdamn has a higher amount of quality bud as it is legal there so dank is pretty much all they have, but the best from America is probably just as good.
  10. Well, I've been to amsterdam, and I've been to california. Both have amazing bud, I think it would be a close call.
  11. Hey all !
    to start of, im european and have never gone to the USA so far. But i think the question of whether there's better weed in USA or EURO is like asking which Coca Cola is better? the USA produced one or the EURO produced coke?.
    Each side has its advantages over the other.
    The USA with the 60's - hippy movement (i believe it was much more present in the USA than europe) and that whole generation got into some wild canna farming so that's helped us all seed buyers.
    Europe with its lax police systems when it comes to MJ. Some countries are more strict than others. I bet Norway is about as strict as the USA is (know of a friend who got cought with 0.4 gr of hash --> huge fine and evening at the police dept.) whereas in Belgium for example, if you get cought smoking in public, worst case scenario it'll be confiscated and thats it.
    Both sides has its good and not so good growers --> choice of quality so i'd say both USA and EURO weed are totally comparable and approx. the same. Even for me, one hour away from the dutch border, its easy to get seriously mediocre stuff.
    Since the internet came out, i believe that whatever knowledge anyone in the world has about growing and weed in general, that knowledge has been shared throughout the world.
    And what about a grower in Europe, considering himself to be 100% european, but using a USA produced fert (for example), how would you consider that to be european or american?

    PS (maybe slitghtly out of context, hence the PS :p) :
    Then again, there are about 10 states of the USA that have passed laws allowing for medicinal uses of Marijuana. In Europe, there's Holland that i know of for sure that you can get "prescription pot" (check out Seed Producer - SOMA's site), i dont think it be the case in Belgium or France. So that would mean there are ten states with medicinal MJ on their hands, it would seem logical that there is some kind of scientific help behind it to make sure its quality medicinal THC. This brings up one problem about the question : when you say USA, is it as one country or 50 states ? Cause the USA is pretty problematic about this i think. You've got states like California which allow for Medicinal uses of MJ, and then you have DEA (Federal Gov moth**fu**ers) arresting people in Calif. for possession of MJ. I dont get how the USA is supposed to function properly if you have Federal Laws contradicting State Laws.
  12. im sorry europe: vote goes to americans and there resilience to grow better dank bud, quicker and more covert.

    edit: i thinks its that "being told no" additude that is the drive and push.
  13. I don't get this thread. The U.S. is a country, and Europe is a continent.

    If you want to compare the Americas to Europe, I'd say there are some damn fine Canadian growers (and US growers, for that matter) who grow just as good of shit.

    It probably all depends on where you buy. Maybe there's more schwag and mids in the US than Europe. Then again, I've never had to deal with soapbar or whatever the fuck it is you guys call that nasty resin shit you can buy for really cheap.

    So yeah, I'm almost certain that you can get fantastic weed on both sides of the pond.
  14. everyone is talking about Amsterdam like they have the best weed of the netherlands , but there are many cities in The Netherlands that have better weed :D

  15. Next time I go to the Netherlands ill pm you! :smoking:
  16. Ive been to Amsterdam several times and yes they have very potent weed but still dont know what's up with the Kush, but I will say this I got a chance to kick it with the man Soma himself and he had a batch of a strain called Somango and damn that was some good stuff. But nothing has blown me away like the Sour D x OG Kush that I get at one of the co-ops here in Hollywood, BC has there stuff as well but I gotta go with the USA.
  17. in europe there is a lot more hash making.i think some times they will knock off a lot of trychromes and screen a lot of buds.then sell the buds to tourist.your best bet whenever buying buds is to take a good look with a 30x microscope to see what going on.and sample for taste...your paying an arm and a leg,get the best stuff you can.
  18. i vote neither. Africa's where the dank sativa's are at. Thurr and jamaica. And what about asia? the KUSH region perhaps.
  19. Well, in the u.s., you can get badass canadian bud that I've heard is better than the stuff you get in amsterdam, you can get good american grown bud, or you can get some ancient mexican strains of bud that would knock down pretty much any of those euro strains. so yea....usa.

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