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USA Marijuana Legalization Map as of 11.07.18

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by cleanbudz, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. Too bad my State's Grey :(
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  2. Definitely appreciate this thread. Thanks OP. I love the movement on the map, but I'm still not satisfied with how long it's taking. Based on the results from the mid-terms, I'm not confident that a lot of the gray states are close to becoming green.

    Even then, there are still so many restrictions in most states. Canada is going through a ton of regulation on smaller levels but there rollout was awesome and is what I want to truly see here where there is less restriction on where you can consume.
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  3. Blumenauer: Congress Will Be 'Better Than Ever' on Cannabis | Leafly
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  4. I'm going to agree on the Sessions thing....he was way out of touch; I'm glad he's gone. I hope that the current administration comes through on their promise to fix this nutty situation.

    I wish West Virginia would get off of their butt and fix their own messed-up "almost medical MJ" system too.
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    We are lucky to have Blumenauer, and he makes a point that with knocking out some of the opposition, we have moved forward a bit. However I am not convinced.

    I mean look at New Jersey (for example). The politicians have promised time and time again and it is all one huge stall that is getting nowhere!

    This country needs to remove Cannabis off of Schedule 1 and let the people freely grow it in their own personal homes and move onto the more important issues once and for all.. Like our borders, the crime rate and the real drug issues that have been plaguing this country.
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  6. Yeah I'm sure he's overly optimistic as politicians tend to be. Things never happen as fast or as easy as they promise or as they should when it comes to weed laws.
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  7. I hear Illinois is going to attempt for recreational as soon as they can, I think I hear in January. If they get greener then I might seriously debate moving back to my roots.
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  8. We gotta turn it green, preferably the light green ;)
  9. Thank god Michigan made it! We still got a long way to go though!

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  10. I hear that. I moved back from Florida where you could garden 24/7/ be here closer to family. Winter sucks. Pritzer better fix this broken state. We need help, down here by the corn.

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  11. Very happy to see that as well! Not a far drive from us either. Illinois is so damn close. Hoping for a miracle this new year

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